One Man’s True Devotion To Empowering His F&B Team: Amò

ilLido refers to the barrier island of Venetian Lagoon, Italy. The atmosphere on the Lido is unforgettablethe beach, sunset beats, music, food, drinks, give an all-around voguish vibe. 

The ilLido Group started in Singapore in 2006 and did just that—bringing the cultural energy, dynamism, food, and drinks of the lagoon to the sunny island of Singapore. The group now has six restaurants under Chef-Restaurateur Beppe De Vito’s wing. One being Amò, a chic Italian eatery and bar on Hongkong Street. 

Having been in the hospitality and F&B industry since the young age of 8, Beppe has always been determined and driven. One might think that takes grit, but I say it takes fervor and intelligence. Devotion is his unquestionable, bona fide passion to dwell in an industry where people and food come together.

From the onset, it is obvious that Beppe loves the idea of bringing people together with good food and culture. That is unequivocal and the effort he puts into the entire food preparation process is a testament. To him, having Amò was more than just opening another restaurant.

“If we want to do it, we have to do the best pizza in Singapore.”

Beppe De Vito, Chef-Owner of Amò

Amò’s culture: Empowering employees

In order to be at their best game, Beppe even sent 2 of his members to Italy to learn the know-hows of dough-making, with the intention to reinvent old recipes. 

The company culture that Beppe has created is commendable. From making the newest member of the team feel welcome, to creating opportunities in employees individual career advancements, he has certainly built a comfortable environment for what he considers family at Amò.

In return, the Amò team demonstrates a spirit of positivity and friendliness when it comes to handling operations and dealing with customers. It takes a good team leader like Beppe to empower a team, for them then to bring forth good disposition and empathy in day-to-day F&B operations. 

“These people inspire me to work every day.”

Beppe De Vito, Chef-Owner of Amò

“I want to help them to grow in their jobs”, Beppe stated when asked about his source of motivation. One might think that for an F&B entrepreneur with over 30 years of industry experience, that his motivation comes from his personal mantra or inner strength. Instead Beppe humbly lends his motivation from his own team.

Serving up the best in their kitchen

As a pizza lover myself, I couldn’t resist going for the Mushrooms, Truffle, Mascarpone and Tuscan Pecorino Signature Pizza (from $37.45). What seemed ordinary on the outside left me hanging for much, much more.

Every great pizza starts with a great crust and to me, that remains the most important component. The beautifully crisp, blistered edges from the woodfired oven gave it that extra smoky flavour and oomph. Every slice had a well-balanced spread of truffle, fresh mushrooms, and a rich cheese base of mascarpone and tuscan pecorino.

The Tagliolini with Spicy Young Cuttlefish and Squid Ink is a nice surprise. The squid ink is on the side of the dish, which is a thoughtful gesture for diners to mix the pasta with the desired amount of squid ink to their own liking. The dish uses young squid fresh from Japan, and the tagliolini tastes wholesome and rich with eggs and semolina.

For sharing mains, definitely try the Butter Roasted Spring Chicken (from $37.45) with Rosemary Jus and Roman Potatoes. The chicken is roasted with perfect crisp on the outside and tender inside.

The journey Beppe embarked on was one that he derived from great passion; one that had inevitable challenges. Yet, his devotion as a young entrepreneur had led him to beat the odds, allowing him to become the Chef-Restaurateur he is today. It is great to enjoy good Italian cuisine, but even greater to have it from a restaurant done with heart, soul, and loveAmò (amore)!