Leading By Example In Sustainable Dining: Salted & Hung

There’s no hiding from it—food waste is a major cause of our environment’s detriment. Yet, many are taking small steps towards zero-waste, like at Salted & Hung. The quaint restaurant aims to showcase the beauty of sustainable eating and the functionality of forgotten food parts.

Meet Chef-Owner Drew Nocente, who helms the kitchen. Here, their commitment to minimal waste is their blueprint for their menu. From skin to bone, and protein to innards, everything is used in the food’s preparation or presentation. As such, little is left behind.

Salted & Hung: A tribute to his childhood

Growing up on his family’s farm in Queensland, Chef-Owner Drew has always been surrounded by the wonders of fresh produce. The art of seasoning, cooking and using everything they couldthis was how his family thrived on their farm. With this belief, Salted & Hung was born. 

Chef Drew’s restaurant is a testament to how waste can be unavoidable, especially in the F&B business. And, surely, change does not happen in an instant. But it is heartening that many are taking small steps towards becoming zero-waste.

“We give the utmost respect to every ingredient and use it to its full potential.”

Chef-Owner Drew Nocente, Salted & Hung

Putting minimal waste into action: Creating the menu

Creating a sustainable menu requires time and careful thought. In his signature grouper dish, every part of the fish is used and presented creatively.

First, the fish skin is dehydrated and puffed. Some of the bones are also dehydrated and rendered into a broth. This broth flavours the grouper when baked. Later, what’s left of the bones is roasted and infused with soy for 30 days. After that, it’s dried out and blitzed into a powder for garnish.

Chef Drew goes beyond providing simple satisfaction with his food. Rather, he leads by example in sustainable dining. Whilst honing his philosophy of minimal waste, he brings to the table a meaningful and delicious fine dining experience for all.

For most of us who cannot quite travel to Australia and are still enjoying being homebodies, don’t fret! Chef-Owner Drew brings a taste of his culinary philosophy to you with Salted & Hung‘s dine-in and delivery menu.