The inside scoop on ice-cream delivery: Baskin Robbins, Udders & more!

Chill out with ice-cream delivery from these places!
Names you know: • Baskin Robbins Butter StudioChocolate OriginUdders
Indie secrets: • Creme and ConeThe Humble Scoop

Now that the rainy season has gone and left, we’re back to square one. Goodbye La Niña and hello to the sweltering heat (blazing hot, too, in true-blue Singapore style). Haven’t been able to find any respite? We have got just the right thing and it’s even better than central air-conditioning: ice-cream delivery. Gelato, sundaes, ice-cream cakes, and more icy sweet treats are just what you need to cool the heat. 

Don’t worry if you’re looking for something a lil’ more indie. (That means ice-cream that isn’t from Swensens, Creamier, or Häagen-Dazs.) We’ve got the full inside scoop. That includes deets on standalone ice-cream cafes tucked away in secret corners of Singapore!

With Oddle Eats’ islandwide delivery, you can say goodbye to your sunblock. No need for the inevitably dreary trip across the island, either. Turn up the A/C and chill out at home while these restaurants bring their ice-cream to you!

1. Baskin Robbins

Baskin Robbins isn’t exactly the most indie ice-cream place, but it does offer up solid ice-cream choices at affordable prices. 

Very Berry Strawberry & Chocolate Mousse Royale

Choose from Cotton Candy, Mint Chocolate Chip, and more

Cookie Splendor Ice-Cream Cake

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The Value Party Pack ($35 for 8 regular scoops, $40 for 12 junior scoops) comes with your choice of flavours. Choose from the Peanut Butter & Chocolate to the controversial Mint Chocolate Chip, and you’re good to go for your gatherings or just a stay-in weekend with the people you cherish.

We can’t forget ice-cream cakes when it comes to Baskin Robbins. For your next occasion, order their Cookie Splendor (6″ for $59, 9″ for $93) or the Brownie Bunch ($58 for 6”, $116 for 9”) to up the cool factor! Pre-order your ice-cream cakes 3 days before your celebrations.

2. Butter Studio

Butter Studio’s signature gelatos are made only with fresh and natural ingredients. Churned daily, be rest assured that their creations are the creme of the crop.

Lychee Raspberry Gelato

Blueberry Lavender Gelato

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With this many flavours, Butter Studio has got something for every palate. Love your floral and fruity notes a la Birds of Paradise’s ever-popular creations? The Lychee Raspberry Gelato ($16) and the Blueberry Lavender Gelato ($16) capture the best of summertime (heat excluded). Prefer something sweeter and richer? Go for the Salted Burnt Caramel Gelato ($16). And die-hard cookie fans, the Nutella S’mores Gelato ($16) are all you need, dough you might find yourself kneading more than just a single scoop.

Enthralled? Mark your calendars for your ice-cream delivery and pre-order yours 3 days in advance!

3. Chocolate Origin

Newsflash, chocolate lovers! Creating perfect indulgent treats is Chocolate Origin’s specialty. And joining their impressive repertoire of cakes, chocolate bars, drinking chocolate and tea is their rich and decadent chocolate gelato.

Dark Gelato by Chocolate Origin for ice-cream delivery. Delivered islandwide in Singapore powered by Oddle.
Dark Gelato ($12.50 per pint)

Packing a bittersweet kick in every bite, the Dark Gelato ($12.50 per pint) is great for savouring.

Plus, it’s made with the best ingredients—premium fresh milk and rich Belgian Chocolate—and is guaranteed to please. A perfect addition to any chocolate lovers’ home party!

4. Creme and Cone

Produced with all-natural ingredients and churned fresh in small batches on a regular basis, Creme and Cone is finally on Oddle Eats to satisfy your cravings without incurring guilt.

Speculoos Cookie Gelato

Deep Dark Chocolate Gelato

Sea Salt Horlicks Gelato

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The Sea Salt Horlicks Gelato ($16) is, simply put, amazing. Marrying the flavours of the malty childhood drink with natural sea salt flakes, a bite of this gelato is sure to bring you back to the good old days.

Also give the Deep Dark Chocolate Gelato ($16) and Speculoos Cookie Gelato ($16) a shot. Both are rich but not too jelak. With these cheery flavours, your ice-cream delivery is certainly going to be levelled up!

5. Udders

Hailing proudly from our sunny island, Udders is a homegrown brand that serves up artisanal ice-cream. And it’s certainly one of the most beloved by Singaporeans with its creative flavours.

(Fun fact: Udders created a Kimchi flavoured ice-cream for the Trump-Kim summit in 2018!)

White Peach & Yuzu Sorbet

Cookies and Cream

Dark Chocolate & Cacao Nibs Sorbet

Chocolate Fudge Dream

Cookie Crumble

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For healthier, guilt-free choices that are just as delish, their Nuude series of ice-cream hits the spot. All-natural, lower calories, lower sugar content, and lower fat? Sign me up. Try their White Peach & Yuzu Sorbet ($5.90 for single scoop. $17.50 for a pint), made with sun-ripe French peaches and Korean yuzu for a taste of summery fruit orchards.

Also give the Dark Chocolate & Cacao Nibs Sorbet ($5.90 for single scoop. $17.50 for a pint) a go. It’s dairy-free and vegan, but just as unbelievably good as its regular counterpart.

For the cherry on top, the assortment of sprinkles and sauces in the Toppings Bundle ($8.50) is bound to bring you homemade sundae up a notch!

6. The Humble Scoop

Another new member of the Oddle Eats family is The Humble Scoop! Behind its name is owner Yvonne’s sincere wish of making people happy with her ice-cream creations. With never-before-seen flavours and even quirkier names to go along, this humble ice-cream cafe’s creations are sure to make you smile.

Inkuehdible Ice-Cream

Orh Bee Good Ice-Cream

Berry Nice Lassi

Milo Dinosaur Ice-Cream

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For starters, try the Inkuehdible ice-cream ($16). With hints of gula melaka and coconut, it’s an elevated and localised rendition of salted caramel ice-cream. To go full-traditional, have a taste of the black glutinous rice (a.k.a. pulut hitam) Orh Bee Good ice-cream ($16).

Missing playing ball in school with your friends? Have a mega-throwback to your takkiu days with the Milo Dinosaur ice-cream ($16). The malty drink has defined our childhood days for many and it remains an eternal fave that will never go out of style.

For something refreshing, the Berry Nice Lassi ice-cream ($16) certainly lives up to its name. A strawberry and yoghurt ice-cream? Sounds absolutely heavenly and tastes like it, too!

Armed with ice-cream, your battle against the heat is sure to prove victorious. Sort out your stay-home gelato dates with Oddle Eats‘ islandwide delivery today!