Pizzas from 800 Woodfired Kitchen, delivered islandwide in Singapore powered by Oddle.

New on Oddle Eats [April 2021]: 800° Woodfired Kitchen, The Dempsey Project & more!

New restaurants delivering islandwide as of April 2021
Western: • Santa Fe Tex-MexS’Mao BBQChicks N Lobs
Asian: • The Banana Leaf Apolo My Makan PlaceChiam’s Lor ArkThai VillageMr YoutiaoSwatow Garden Seafood
Vegan: • Green Common
International: • The Dempsey ProjectSando Courtyard by Marriott Singapore
Halal & Muslim-owned: • The White Label800° Woodfired KitchenTomahawk King by StuffedWingLabTiga Roti

Congratulations on making it through March! With April Fools’ and Easter celebrations in tow, April is shaping up to be full of joyous celebrations. Greatly welcomed, after the lack of public holidays in March. Time to prep your baskets for your treasure hunt and pull a belated prank (or two). When it’s time to head home for your Easter weekend feast, there’s no warmer greeting than a table set with your dearest ones’ favourites. With Western and Malay fare, Japanese and pizzas to share, let your feast commence. Get crackin’ this April (but spare the eggs) with our round-up of new restaurants on Oddle Eats with islandwide delivery!

1. Swatow Garden Seafood

Teochew food lovers, rejoice! Swatow Garden Seafood’s bento sets and sharing platters are just the thing for you. With rice sets that come with their signature Swatow Teochew Braised Duck ($11.88) to the premium Teochew Braised Pork Belly with Preserved Vegetables ($19.58), count your weekday lunches as all done and sorted. Dim sum bentos are also on the menu, such as the Classic ($16.28) with century egg & pork congee, BBQ honey pork buns, and an assortment of Cantonese-style small bites and delicacies. As for sharing, the Swatow Duo Dim Sum Specialty Platter ($30.80) comes with all you could ever ask for: chicken claws and pork ribs doused in black bean sauce, crispy shrimp dumplings, crystal prawn dumplings or hargao, plus deluxe siew mai with fish roe.

2. Courtyard by Marriott Singapore

Nyonya Curry Chicken

Daging Rendang

Sky22 Burger

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Wanted to book a staycation but can’t bear to wrestle with the crowds? Bring your staycation experience home with Courtyard by Marriott Singapore’s hotel food delivery! If you’re looking for something truly Asian, dig into the Nyonya Curry Chicken ($12.80) with turmeric fragrant rice and seasonal vegetables, or the slow-cooked mutton biryani that stars in the Daging Rendang ($12.80). Plus, featuring a 100% ground angus beef patty, the Sky22 Burger ($12.80) is hard to go wrong with. And sinceSky22 only serves via delivery and self-collection currently, why not order in via Oddle Eats?

3. The White Label

TWL Prawn Pappardelle

Short Ribs Bourguignon

Smoked Duck Spaghetti

Herb Crusted Lamb Rack

Ondeh Ondeh Gateau

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Finding good French fare—and halal ones, at that—has always been a challenge. Thankfully, halal-certified The White Label is here to stay! Their Smoked Duck Spaghetti ($24), inspired by wanton mee, is certainly the first of its kind. This innovative dish comes with duck-filled wanton dumplings and char siu made from duck. Other never-before-seen creations include their Chicken Ragout Spaghetti ($20), which drew inspiration from Malay-style ayam masak merah. Looking for something more traditional? Savour grilled tiger prawns cooked in a lobster bisque reduction in the TWL Prawn Pappardelle ($26). The team at The White Label has also found an alternative to the usual red wine and stock braise used in bourguignon dishes, coating the tender meat of the Short Ribs Bourguignon ($32) with a homemade sweet & spicy sauce instead. 

4. Santa Fe Tex-Mex

Tac'o the Town Party


Tex-Mex Party Bites

Classic Beef Fajitas

Buffalo Wings

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As one of the pioneers in the local Tex-Mex scene, it’s good news that Santa Fe Tex-Mex Grill is finally delivering islandwide! You’d probably agree with me: nachos say a lot about a Mexican restaurant. With their Ultimate Nachos ($14), though, be rest assured that your food bonanza is off to a great start. Also highly raved about are their Quesadillas (from $8.50), particularly the portobello mushroom version. Not enough? Have your Mexican fare done your way with the Classic Beef Fajita ($24) and Chicken Fajita ($19), with strips of meat grilled to perfection, and top up your wraps with as much guacamole and sour cream as you’d like. Before you say it, we didn’t forget about the Mex in their name! For bite-off-the-bone goodness, their Buffalo Wings ($9.50 for 8 pcs) certainly leave an impression!

5. The Banana Leaf Apolo

5 years after Apollo 11 landed on the moon, Mr. Chellappan opened The Banana Leaf Apolo, naming his restaurant after this momentous event and the Indian tradition of serving food on banana leaves. Also, did you know that curry fish head actually has roots in Indian cuisine? Pair the Apolo Fish Head Curry (from $24) with the smoky Tandoori Chicken ($14.90) for a delicious and luxe meal to share with your family. For vegetarian options, go for the South Indian Vegetarian Meal ($9.90) and bring your set lunch to the next level with Paneer Makhani ($10.90), which features cottage cheese cubes simmered in a creamy tomato gravy. If you’re already drooling at the thought of a banana leaf feast—it’s time to order in with their islandwide delivery service!

6. Mr Youtiao

Chicken Porridge Set 鸡粥油条套餐

Curry Chicken Set 咖喱鸡饭套餐

Soup Tastie Noodle Set 可口汤面油条套餐

YouTiao with Curry Dip 油条附送咖喱沾酱

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Love your fill of youtiao (Chinese dough fritters) dipped into a warm cup of soy milk? Sort your breakfast with Mr Youtiao and have your meal delivered for lazy mornings! My drink of choice happens to be Jollibean’s, but we digress. Start your day with the Soya Youtiao Set 豆浆油条套餐 ($7.20). Great news: this set also comes with beancurd for an irresistibly hearty triple-win. Prefer a savoury breakfast? Opt for the Cantonese-style Chicken Porridge Set 鸡粥油条套餐, or the Soup Tastie Noodle Set 可口汤面油条套餐 ($11) if you love having koka noodles. Plus, they have rice sets ranging from the Curry Chicken Set 咖喱鸡饭套餐 ($11) to Assam Fish Set 亚叁鱼套餐 ($12.50), and even a Bak Kut Teh Set 肉骨茶饭套餐 ($12.90). Great choices for any time of the day!

7. 800° Woodfired Kitchen

Award-winning Chef Anthony Carron is the mastermind behind 800° Woodfired Kitchen, specializing in wood-smoked pizza creations. From partnerships with NBA champions to a menu selection that curates the best of the West Coast, there’s no better place for Neapolitan pizzas straight from the City of Angels.

It’s a guaranteed slam dunk when you’ve got the Chicken Pesto Pizza ($17 for 10”. $27 for 14”) and the Philly Cheesesteak ($17 for 10”. $27 for 14”) going at your pizza party. Don’t forget the truffle and mushroom-based Tartufo Pizza ($17 for 10”. $27 for 14”), sprinkled with parmesan, for your vegetarian friends. Up for a bit of fun? Get creative with the DIY Pizzas (from $10 for 10”, $15 for 14”) and customise your toppings, sauces, and protein options to make it a real crowd-pleaser. 

8. Chiam’s Lor Ark

In 1941, Grandpa Chiam arrived in Singapore as a migrant from Chaozhou in China. Using his trishaw as a pushcart stall, he made a living by selling braised duck, or lor ark in the Teochew dialect. Today, Chiam’s Lor Ark continues to honour Grandpa’s memory, using the same recipe that captured the hearts of his patrons from over 70 years ago. Great for occasions (and sure to please your grandma) would be the Half Duck ($28) and Whole Duck ($52). For all-in-one packages, have the Lor Ark for 2 ($32 for 2-3 pax) or Lor Ark for 4 ($62 for 4-5 pax). Both feature braised eggs, plus braised beancurd, peanuts and salted vegetables. With islandwide delivery, have yourself a truly Teochew feast at home!

9. Chicks N Lobs

delivered islandwide in Singapore powered by Oddle
Dive into the epitome of seafood excellence today with Chicks N Lobs!

Chicks N Lobs, a new brand under Teochew seafood specialty restaurant Orchid Live Seafood, is finally delivering their fresh catches via Oddle Eats! Feast on their scuba delish, seafood-packed Crusty Bags, featuring Crab ($80 for 800-900g, $100 for 1.2-1.3kg), or air-flown Southern Australia Lobster ($168) and Boston Lobster ($80). All bags come with prawns, scallops, lala, plus veggies ranging from pearl corn to broccoli florets.

Yet another must-try is the Steven Chicken (from $14). Created by the Head Chef who helmed Orchid Live Seafood back in 1999, this dish has long become one of the brand’s signatures. The meat is pushed to the end of the bones before being stir-fried in their signature sauce and sprinkled with sesame seeds. Bet you haven’t seen anything like this before! With islandwide delivery, spare the hassle and munch on your chicken and seafood without worrying about sticky hands.

10. Green Common

Trying out Meatless Mondays? Going plant-based for good? Every little bit for the environment goes a long way, so it’s time to order from Green Common, your one-stop-shop for sustainable food options! Here, meat-based dishes have been reimagined and are cooked using Heura chicken, OmniMeat and Unlimeat amongst many more meat and seafood alternatives.

Have the Hawaiian Omni Musubi ($10.59) topped with OmniMeat Luncheon, and drizzled with teriyaki and pineapple chili chutney for a dash of tropical flavours. For Western, try the Gardein Fish and Chips ($18.83), which looks as legit as the real thing. Favour Chinese food? The Sichuan Spicy Beef ($15.30) will satisfy your mala cravings! They even have Laksa ($15.30) and Hainanese Trick’en Rice ($18.83) for 100% satisfaction and none of the guilt. 

11. My Makan Place

Packed with a punch of heat and the deep flavours of herbs and spices, it is no wonder that Indonesian cuisine has got a firm hold on our hearts. And what better place to get your halal, Indo-fusion fare than My Makan Place? For a sure-win combo, the Nasi Lemak Deluxe Set ($10.30) with chicken wing, fish fillet and otah is bound to fill you up. Or set the righttone for your day with the highly raved about Beef Rendang Set ($11.90), with homecooked-style tender beef cubes in a spicy rempah. Have the Gado Gado ($7.60), an Indonesian salad dish, to share, and you are all set for a hearty meal at home with islandwide delivery.

12. Sando

Menchi Katsu Sando

Katsu Sando

Chashu Rice Bowl

Pork Shabu Ricebowl

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An earnest meal can fix even the worst days, especially when we’re talking about hearty Japanese fare by Sando. Specializing in Japanese-Western cuisine, they are best known for their sandwiches (known as sandos in Japanese) and also boasts a hefty selection of rice bowls. Start your days with the Bacon Sando ($7) for breakfast, or rejuvenate yourself with the Menchi Katsu Sando ($11), which features a deep-fried, panko-breaded minced pork patty for lunch. Otherwise, fill yourself up with their selection of rice bowls topped with Chashu ($12), Pork Shabu ($12), Beef Shabu ($13.50) or Tori Karaage ($10). Plus, with their myriad of bundles ($73 for 4 pax, $116 for 6 pax, $143 for 8 pax), it’s easy to share the love with your friends, family, and colleagues. Note that their breakfast sandwiches are only available from 8.30 am to 10.30 am daily—do plan your meal and order in advance!

13. S’Mao BBQ

Everyone loves a good BBQ, discounting the prep work and having to watch the fire for hours. That’s not considering the aggressive scrubbing needed to get the grill sparkling clean again. With S’Mao BBQ, though, that’s no problem! Inspired by Chef Mao’s time working in restaurants across Texas and North Carolina, this BBQ joint is all about honest, authentic Texan fare. All slow-cooked and smoked to tender goodness.

Their selection ranges from their Smoked USDA Angus Short Rib (from $104 for 600-650g), a cut with a balanced distribution of marbling, to Honey Pork Belly (from $38 for 200g). Else, for pork ribs and their housemade Cajun-style Andouille sausages made from fresh pork shoulder, opt for the Medium Platter ($130 for 2 to 3pax) or Large Platter ($195 for 4 to 5 pax) depending on the length of your guest list! Sure to make all your loved ones s’mao, for sure.

14. Thai Village

Think Thai food and oftentimes, you would think of these: tom yum goong, pad thai, boat noodles, and so on. But have you heard of Thai-Teochew cuisine? With Thai Village delivering islandwide now, it’s about time you tried it for yourself! Their list of signature dishes range from Baked King Prawns with Vermicelli 冬粉焗大虾 (from $34) to the exquisite Abalone Rice 鲍鱼饭 ($40 per serving) and Singapore-inspired Chilli Crab 星洲辣椒蟹 ($90). Top it up with a Thai Mango Salad 泰式芒果沙律 (from $12) and a plate of Crispy Beancurd in Thai Style 泰式豆腐 (from $18), and you’ll feel like you’re dining in the streets of Bangkok. 

15. The Dempsey Project

Treating yourself (plus your loved ones) to a weekend brunch to wash away your week’s woes? The Dempsey Project, with its curation of cuisines from all across the globe, is about to brighten your mornings. Featuring an endless range of gluten-free, vegetarian and vegan options and with islandwide delivery to boot, what’s not to love?

The Big Breakfast

Gluten Free Banana Oat Pancakes

Cinnamon Brioche French Toast

Crispy Beer Batter Fish & Chips

Beetroot Taco

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Fancy a plate of English-style breakfast? Fill yourself up with scrambled eggs, sourdough, baked beans and more, all with The Big Breakfast ($33.35). Sweet-toothed brunch lovers, kickstart your sugar rush with the vegan-friendly Gluten Free Banana Oat Pancakes ($25.30) or vegetarian Cinnamon Brioche French Toast ($21.85). All breakfast options are available till 12pm. Woke up a tad bit too late? With so many lunch options, there’s no need to fret. From the vegetarian Cajun Cauliflower Steak ($32.20) to the Crispy Beer Batter Fish & Chips ($33.35), there’s always a rejuvenating midday meal to fall back on.

16. Tiga Roti

Potato Head, which brought award-winning burger joint Three Buns to life, is now offering halal-friendly gourmet burgers with Tiga Roti! P.S. If you haven’t caught it, Tiga Roti literally means ‘three buns’ in Malay.

Plug Three

Monie Love

Hen'nie from the Block

Make Some Shroom (vegetarian)

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With recipes from Executive Chef Adam Penney and top-grade ingredients to boot, this is the pinnacle of burger perfection. Beef burger purists, try the Plug Three ($12) with 100% grass-fed, free-range La Pampa Argentinian beef, plus onion pickles for a welcomed tang. A more localized version of this burger is the Monie Love ($12), which comes with bawang goreng (fried shallots) instead. If you love your Buttermilk Chicken Burger a la McDonald’s, go for the Hen’nie from the Block ($12). It’s one that packs a punch thanks to the jalapeño pickles and a drizzle of hot sauce!

17. Tomahawk King by StuffedWingLab

Ever heard of a tomahawk? (Not a mohawk!) It refers to a steak cut near a cow’s ribs and is similar to the ribeye in terms of marbling. Good news: Halal-certified Tomahawk King by StuffedWingLab has one of the most affordable ones in our city! Have the Tomahawk Steak Set (from $128.90 for 3-4 pax), best eaten medium or medium well. The set comes with cheesy fries, onion rings and a garden salad to share. Other options to beef up your dinner, pun intended, are the Double Cheese Burger ($16.90) and Rendang Beef Pasta ($12.90).

Updated Weekly: We’ll be adding more new restaurants offering food delivery in Singapore to this list! Check out our Oddle Eats directory of the best restaurants in Singapore that ALL deliver islandwide!