Best Barista Brewed Coffee & Tea Delivery In Singapore

There’s no denying that a good cuppa is extremely important for us to start our day on the right note. With various new cafes in town, it is never easy to pick a place that satisfies our different coffee preferences. That’s why Oddle Eats has got you covered with the best places for high quality, barista-brewed coffee and tea to enjoy in the comfort of your homes!

Coffee and tea? It’s on us!
Avid coffee lovers: • Baristart Coffee Singaporedal.komm COFFEE Tanamera CoffeeThe Coffee Academics SG Spinelli Coffee
Devoted tea drinkers: • Bober TeaNana’s Green TeaYu Kee x CHICHA San Chen
For both: • @3Huggs CoffeeOld Hen KitchenWakey Wakey

1. Baristart Coffee Singapore

At Baristart Coffee Singapore, every cup of coffee is brewed using top quality coffee beans and premium Hokkaido milk – making it a hot favourite among coffee lovers in Singapore. 

During your #StayHome days, have a drink of their BIEI Jersey Milk Coffee ($10.50). Using milk sourced from the extremely rare Brown Jersey Cows in Japan, the BIEI Jersey Milk has a highly rich and creamy taste. Blended together with their single origin coffee beans, this drink encompasses a smooth velvety texture like no other. You can also try other options such as the Cold Brew White Coffee ($10) or Cold Brew Black Coffee ($8.50)

Indulge in premium coffee from Baristart Coffee Singapore when you order from them on Oddle Eats!

2. dal.komm COFFEE

Having been featured in popular Korean TV dramas, dal.komm COFFEE is here in Singapore with their unique and high quality coffees! 

Each coffee is brewed with quality Arabica beans together with a proprietary selection of unique coffee blends. From their seasonal specials, do try their TEApresso Einspanner ($8.50). It is an eclectic mix of flavours – blending Korean and Singapore local “Yuan Yang” flavours, together with an Earl Grey tea-infused Cafe Latte. Local coffee lovers would surely rejoice at this unique combination. If you are a fan of matcha, there is something for you too! A fusion of the traditional ice Caffe Latte with Green Tea Latte, their Matcha Espresso Einspanner ($8.50) is definitely worth a try. 

Available on Oddle Eats, try something different at dal.komm COFFEE today!

3. Tanamera Coffee

Sit back, and indulge in award-winning coffee from Tanamera Coffee. This Indonesian cafe boasts many prestigious awards – being the holder of 2016 Champion of International Roasters and International Award Winning Coffee in 2015. 

Each cup of coffee is carefully prepared to ensure the utmost quality. Besides using premium quality Arabica Indonesian Specialty coffee beans, ground coffee is dripped for 24 hours before finishing off with a double filtration process. We recommend you try their Cold Brew ($6). Taste the rich flavours of the coffee with a tinge of acidic flavour. Or, if you prefer something sweeter, try having the Cold White Caramel ($6.80). Other unique combinations also include Cold White Coconut ($6.80) or Cold White Ginger ($6.80)

Order from Tanamera Coffee on Oddle Eats today!

4. The Coffee Academics SG

Have a sip of The Coffee Academics SG’s top-notch specialty coffees. Amongst many accomplishments, some notable ones achieved by them include being placed in the 2017 Singapore’s Michelin Guide and receiving the top score in Asia for their coffee blends. 

For a taste of more interesting blends, we recommend you to order from their Signature Espresso Based Coffee menu. Taste the diverse range of single origin coffees like Manuka ($6.40) – Latte drizzled with natural and raw honey from New Zealand. Or, try their Pepper Agave ($6.40), a Latte blended with natural and raw agave nectar from Mexico. With a strong, full-bodied taste, The Coffee Academics SG is sure to satisfy your cravings for all things coffee.

5. Spinelli Coffee

Who doesn’t love the smell of freshly roasted coffee? Home to their very own state-of-the-art coffee roaster, coffee at Spinelli Coffee is always full of aroma and freshness. 

Have a sip of their Hazelnut Latte (from $6.80). Perfect for the rainy season, the toasted hazelnut flavour of coffee makes you feel all warm and cozy inside.  If you have a sweet tooth, get a cup of their Caramel Latte (from $6.80). The subtle sweetness of the caramel makes a perfect complement to the bitterness of the coffee. Offering islandwide delivery, get yourself freshly roasted coffee from Spinelli on Oddle Eats!

6. Bober Tea

Fans of bubble tea would be delighted to know that Bober Tea is available for delivery on Oddle Eats. Incorporating varying flavours of Taiwan, Japan, and Chinese bubble teas into their local blends, Bober Tea serves up artisanal tea of the finest quality.

Try their crowd favourite – Signature Roasted Milk ($5.40). It contains a special blend of roasted tea leaves, together with their signature Hokkaido Chizu and winter melon tea- the unique mix of flavours complement each other to give a refreshing, yet sweet taste. Give your favourite childhood drink a refresh with their Yakult Blossom Jasmine Tea ($5.50). The sweet Yakult milk mixed with fresh tea leaves of Aqua Green Tea, brings out the best of both flavours. Other must-try creations include their Fragrant Taro Latte ($6.30) or Brown Sugar Boba Milk Tea ($5.90)

Sounds tempting? Order in from Bober Tea on Oddle Eats now!

7. Nana’s Green Tea

For all matcha lovers, Nana’s Green Tea is the perfect place for you! 

Their Matcha Latte (from $6.90) is definitely a must-try. Or if you prefer your coffee without milk, have a go at their Matcha Americano (from $6.40). Containing a distinctive matcha flavour with a hint of bitterness, this drink makes for a satisfying treat. Not to mention, they also offer other interesting options such as Azuki Latte (from $6.90) or Genmaicha ($5.40)

With islandwide delivery available on Oddle Eats, get a cup of Nana’s Green Tea right to your doorstep!

8. Yu Kee x CHICHA San Chen

I’m sure many of you are no stranger to this popular Taiwan brand – Yu Kee x CHICHA San Chen

Popular for their Fresh Milk with Brown Sugar Bubble ($6.50), this drink is certainly worth a try. Marrying the best of bubble tea with traditional tea, you can definitely smell the rich fragrance of the tea inside. It is filled with a distinct caramelised flavour together with soft, chewy brown pearls. Not your cup of tea? They also have other options such as their Tea with Cream ($5.70) or Fruit Tea ($6.50). Where each cup of tea is carefully crafted with tons of passion and love, treat yourself to a premium cup of tea with Yu Kee x CHICHA San Chen on Oddle Eats today!

9. @3

If you haven’t had a taste of Nordic-style coffee and tea, it is time to check out @3.

Pour Over Coffee, delivered islandwide in Singapore powered by Oddle
Pour Over Coffee (from $7)


Featuring their pour over coffee – El Salvador San José Bourbon (Gringo Nordic Coffee Roasters) ($7). Enjoy a cup of full-bodied coffee, coated with a rich chocolatey taste. Or, get a cup of their El Salvador La Fany Glazed (Gringo Nordic Coffee Roasters) ($7) for a sweet and creamy flavour. 

If you prefer something lighter, have a cup of their Day Light (Gringo Organic Tea) ($6.50). Besides being caffeine-free, ingredients such as rooibos, grapefruit, and elderberries give it a natural citrusy taste. Not to mention, it also has multiple health benefits. 
Step into the world of Nordic-style caffeinated beverages when you order from @3 on Oddle Eats.

10. Huggs Coffee

Huggs Coffee is Singapore’s largest homegrown specialty coffee brand. With exclusive coffee blends sourced from top quality Colombian and Brazilian beans, Huggs Coffee never fails to disappoint. 

Introducing The Retro ($6.30). This drink gives classic double espresso a unique twist with hints of fruity, floral notes and topped with a dash of cocoa powder. Alternatively, rejuvenate yourself with a cup of tea such as their Strawberry Rooibos Cream ($4). Melding the taste of sweet overripe strawberries with a creamy finish, this drink serves as a great palate cleanser. 

Energise yourself with a cup of coffee or tea when you order from Huggs Coffee on Oddle Eats.

11. Old Hen Kitchen

Pioneering the Cold Brew coffee wave in Singapore, Old Hen Kitchen remains committed to making the best-tasting coffee for everyone. 

They offer a wide selection of beverages for everyone, ranging from Japanese tea, coffee to cold Brews. For a start, do try their Cold Dark Cocoa ($7.90). Consisting of Valrhona dark cocoa paired with a lightly sweetened milk, this drink has a rich, bittersweet flavour. You can also opt for a healthier option with their Cold Oat Coffee ($8.90), that is both dairy-free and vegan friendly! 

Other highly popular beverages include their Matcha Latte (Hot) ($6). With a rich amount of matcha coupled with just the right amount of sweetness, it is no wonder this drink became a crowd’s favourite. 

Sip on a delicious cup of coffee (or tea) when you order in from Old Hen Kitchen on Oddle Eats!

12. Wakey Wakey

Nestled alongside Beach Road is a gorgeous, minimalistic cafe that serves up amazing specialty coffee and tea. Wakey Wakey is a place you should not miss!

Their menu offers a wide selection of delectable options. Mostly famed for their signature bottled cold brews, have a taste of their White Magic ($7.70) or Sea Salt Chocolate ($7.70). With its smooth and creamy texture, these coffees definitely serve as a good perk-me-up. That’s not all! Besides coffee, they also offer refreshing teas. Have a taste of their Passion Fruit Iced Tea ($9.35)– a sweet and revitalising mix of mint leaves, passionfruit, and orange combined. 

Wake up and start ordering in from Wakey Wakey on Oddle Eats!