8 Fast Food Restaurants to keep your bellies satisfied at home!

Satisfy your fast food cravings with Oddle Eats!
Chic-feast: • Arnold’s Fried ChickenMonga Fried ChickenShake Shake in a Tub
Burger-licious: • FatBurgerMarryBrown Singapore
Best of both worlds: • Jinjja Fried ChickenJollibee SingaporeMom’s Touch

Fast food restaurants with snaking queues are commonplace in Singapore. It is often hard to purchase a set of fast food without having to queue for a significant amount of time. With Oddle Eats, you can now order in your favourite fast food wherever you’re at!

1. Arnold’s Fried Chicken

Be tempted by Arnold’s Fried Chicken online exclusive deals on Oddle Eats!

Boasting many reviews from food bloggers and customers, Arnold’s fried chickens are both crispy and flavoursome. Order a set of their Variety Feast (5 pax) ($52.50). Serving you eight pieces of juicy fried chicken, together with popcorn chicken, buns, and various other sides, this is a feast for everyone. Alternatively, you can also order their Fish & Chicks ($29.30) or 10 Piece Chicken Chest ($35.20). With so much to go around, share the joys of a satisfying meal with your family at home.

2. Monga Fried Chicken

Delight yourself with crunchy, savoury chicken from Monga Fried Chicken, a Taiwanese-based fast-food chain.

In the mood for a quick bite? Order their fried chicken fillets and choose their classics such as THE KING ($8.25), seasoned with a special blend of peppers. Alternatively, opt for a spicier option with their HOT CHICK ($8.25) or a seaweed flavour with their TAIKER ($8.70). For a more filling meal, get their Boneless Chicken Mee Sua Combo ($12). With a steaming bowl of prawn mee sua paired with boneless chicken, this combo is sure to keep you fully satisfied all day. Start ordering from Monga Fried Chicken on Oddle Eats today!

3. Shake Shake in a Tub

Satisfy your fried chicken cravings with Shake Shake in A Tub!

For a value meal, get their Shake Shake Chicken 4pcs Combo ($14.70). Chicken wings paired together with freshly fried shoestring fries and a drink of your choice, this deal is truly a steal. The best part? You get to choose your favourite flavours out of eight different seasonings for your shoestring fries. Ranging from Truffle to Mala to Butter Corn flavour, this ultimate combo leaves you spoilt for choice! If you fancy something bite-sized, opt for their Popcorn Chicken (Medium) ($10.70) or their Shake Shake Chicken 4pcs (Ala Carte) ($8.90)

With so many flavours and combos to choose from, Shake Shake in A Tub is definitely worth a try. Order in from Oddle Eats now!

4. FatBurger

When it comes to quality and delicious tasting burgers, the Hollywood favourite FatBurger definitely tops the list.

Have a taste of their classic, single patty burger – Single (Original) (From $10). With a fresh beef patty made with the golden ratio of 80% lean meat and 20% fat, each bite of the burger remains scrumptious and full of flavour. Or, if you wish to challenge yourself, try their Quad (XXXXL) (From $22.60). Consisting of four thick, succulent beef patties sandwiched between two lightly toasted brioche buns, this massive combination is surely one for the books!

For halal food lovers, great news for you! FatBurger is also halal-certified. Get your burger fix at FatBurger on Oddle Eats now!

5. MarryBrown Singapore

When in doubt, get a burger. Marrybrown Singapore is now on Oddle Eats with their amazing and affordable burger deals.

Have a taste of their Hotouch Burger ($8.25). Spice up your tastebuds with a boneless chicken thigh seasoned with a fiery blend of peppers. Or, say cheese with their Cheesy-O-Burger ($6.60). A creamy and cheesy sauce layered on top of their classic chicken patty, this combo leaves you wanting more! Other burger combinations include their Black Pepper Burger ($8.25) or Tower Burger ($10.10). At such value prices, sink your teeth into Marrybrown Singapore’s thick and juicy burgers when you order in from Oddle Eats today!

6. Jinjja Fried Chicken

A trendy Korean chain restaurant famed for its Korean Fried Chicken, Jinjja Chicken is here on Oddle Eats, now with islandwide delivery!

Get their best-selling Jinjja Wings ($8.50). Choose between flavours of Soy Garlic, Yangnyeom, or Monster. Coated with an even layer of savoury sauce, these chicken wings are still full of crisp and flavour. Opt for a bundle deal with JINJJA Mini Bang Combo (2-3 Pax) ($40.90). Featuring 18 pieces of chicken wings, along with chicken kimbap, cheese sticks, and other sides, this combination is best shared between you and your friends!

Even better, Jinjja Chicken is officially certified halal. Satisfy those Korean fast food cravings with Jinjja Chicken today!

7. Jollibee Singapore

Prepare yourselves for a jolly feast with Jollibee Singapore! Highly popular amongst locals, Jollibee is here on Oddle Eats with scrumptious-tasting fast food goodness.

Have a go at their 6pc Chickenjoy Bucket ($18.50). Each succulent, tender piece of chicken is enveloped in a crispy deep fried outer layer. With a side of their special savoury sauce, this combination is sure to keep you coming back for more! Alternatively, you can choose to order their Jolly Chicken Fillet Burger Value Meal ($7.20). Feel the heat with extra spicy Sriracha Mayo sauce. For less spicy versions, you can opt for their Garlic Mayo and Original flavours. 

Order from Jollibee Singapore on Oddle Eats!

8. Mom’s Touch

Adding another Korean fast-food chain to the list,  Mom’s Touch offers you fried chicken and burgers prepared with utmost dedication and quality.

Their Mom’s Thigh Burger Combo Meal ($8.80) is a crowd’s favourite. Selected as the most delicious burger by Korean college students in 2016, Mom’s Thigh Burger features a crunchy and flavourful piece of chicken thigh sandwiched between two sesame buns. Complemented with veggies such as lettuce and onions, it creates a well-balanced flavour profile.  

If you are not in the mood for a burger, do try their 9pcs Mom’s Fried Chicken ($29). Or,  spice it up with their 9pcs Mom’s Spicy Sauce Chicken ($29.90). This spicy and tasty combo will have you screaming “Mashisoyo”! Available on Oddle Eats, satisfy your Korean fast food cravings with Mom’s Touch!