5 Best Places For Juicy Korean Fried Chicken

Delicious Korean fried chicken to fix your cravings for authentic Korean food in Singapore!
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Halal • Jinjja Chicken Shake Shake in A Tub
Unique Options • The Chir Cafe + Bar

When you’re thinking of both Korean and fried food, getting both may be too much. Enter Korean fried chicken, to satisfy both your cravings! First introduced to Korea by American soldiers, this dish has since become a big part of Korean cuisine. Now, we can enjoy this authentic Korean food here in Singapore as well. For an enjoyable meal in the comfort of your home, we’ve gathered 5 places with yummy Korean fried chicken delivery on Oddle Eats for you to consider!

1. Bonchon Singapore

Bonchon’s Family Sharing Bundle 4 (from $52.20++)

In 2002, Bonchon Singapore opened its first store in Busan, South Korea. Meaning “one’s hometown” in Korean, it has since grown rapidly, but the quality of its food has remained exceptional. Bonchon sells a wide array of classic Korean dishes, with their crispy Korean fried chicken being the main highlight. They make their sauces in Busan, ensuring everyone gets that same taste of authentic Korean food.

If you want to treat yourself, try their items like the Wings Small (6 Pcs) (from $9.50++) or the Boneless Small (10 Pcs) (from $13.30++). If you’re feasting with a group, you can pick from a range of Bonchon’s Family Chicken Bundles. Each comes with large portions of Korean fried chicken and an assortment of sides.

For a more well-rounded meal with a friend or your partner, they also offer Bundle Buddy Meals. These comprise both crispy chicken and other authentic Korean dishes!

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2. Chir Chir (K Food Bugis)

Chir Chir (K Food Bugis)’s Spicy Chilli Soy Chicken (from $21.45++)

With tons of flavours and parts to choose from, you’re in for a great time with Chir Chir (K Food Bugis). They have classic Korean fried chicken such as Spicy Yangnyeom Chicken (from $22.60++), and local favourites like K-urry Chicken (from $21.45++).

For something more unique and convenient, try out their Honey Butter Chicken (from $38.20++) which comes boneless; you can also opt for chicken tenders for several other flavours! To feed a hungry friend or your family, you can consider the Chir Chir 2 Pax Bundle (from $42++), which comes with 14 wings and spicy tteokbokki, or the Chir Chir Wings Bundle (from $71.50++) with 22 wings. No matter the flavour, Chir Chir will win you over with appetizing and authentic Korean food in Singapore.

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3. Jinjja Chicken

Jinjja Chicken’s Bigger Bang Combo Set B (from $85.90++)

Halal-certified chain restaurant, Jinjja Chicken, is famous for, as its name suggests, its fresh Korean fried chicken. There are three signature sauces for you to choose from: Soy Garlic, Yangnyeom, and the numbingly spicy Monster sauce. Its recipe, ingredients, and methods are all from South Korea, so you can be assured you’re digging into authentic Korean food.

For a change in pace, try their Kpop Chicken (from $5.50++) for a crunchy and satisfying snack. Otherwise, you can’t go wrong with Jinjja Wings (from $8.90++) or Jinjja Drumsticks (from $9.90++) either! Even if you have a large crowd over, fret not, for they have party sets with 50 or 100 pieces to impress all your guests.

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4. Shake Shake in A Tub

Shake Shake in A Tub’s Shake Shake Chicken 12 pcs (Ala carte) (from $22.40++)

Spanning 9 outlets islandwide, you can quickly spot Shake Shake in A Tub thanks to their main colours, pink and yellow. The Shake Shake Chicken 4 pcs (Ala carte) (from $8.90++) is perfect for a quick fix for your Korean fried chicken craving. Should you want a meal with fries and a drink, look out for the Value Combo (from $14.70++).

You can opt for larger portions as well, for they’ve got you covered with options for 8 and 12 pieces of juicy Korean fried chicken too! Not forgetting the classic Soy Garlic and Spicy sauces, which your chicken will be coated in. You can choose to have half of each to get the best of both worlds!

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5. The Chir Cafe + Bar

The Chir Cafe + Bar’s Sriracha Cheese Popcorn Chicken (from $18.93++)

Last but not least, The Chir Cafe + Bar provides distinct choices for Korean fried chicken in Singapore, which are great for delivery as well. For mains, you can get the Chir Chicken Croffle (from $22.70) to pair your crispy chicken with a mix between a croissant and a waffle. You can also go for the Fondue Chicken Burger (from $23.90++), to enjoy yummy Korean fried chicken between two soft buns with fries on the side.

If you’d prefer it the classic way, The Chir Cafe + Bar also provides Korean fried chicken in special sauces. The Sriracha Cheese Popcorn Chicken (from $20.30++) and the Kkanpung Popcorn Chicken (from $20.30++) are both unique to the store, accompanied by rice cakes, almonds and onion salsa. You can enjoy scrumptious and authentic Korean food in Singapore here at The Chir Cafe + Bar, which sells more than delicious Korean fried chicken. They also have items such as fried mandu, spicy grilled chicken and squid.

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