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All the best from the West
Barbecue/Grills: • Bedrock Bar & GrillMeatSmithRed Eye Smokehouse
French: • Saveur
Halal: • Tomahawk King by Stuffedwing Lab

When it comes to Western food delivery, we all have our own go-to. But why not change things up by trying something new? We’ve done the work for you and here’re the places where you can check out to satiate those Western cravings of yours!

1. Bedrock Bar & Grill

Nothing hits the spot like a premium Dry-Aged T-Bone Steak ($98) from Bedrock Bar & Grill.

Established in 2008, Bedrock Bar & Grill is a classic place for date nights. That said, you can replicate the entire Western fine-dining experience at home by ordering food delivery from them. Their Dry-Aged T-Bone Steak ($98) features a 500g, USDA grain-fed steak prepared on an applewood grill. Every steak comes with a complimentary side dish as well as a special homemade sauce. You can also get mouthwatering burgers such as a Hand-pressed Double Cheeseburger ($32) and hearty rice bowls like Rosemary Chicken Rice Bowl ($34) for your indulgence.

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2. MeatSmith

Sink your teeth into tender barbecue favourites such as Beef Brisket ($38 for 200g) when you order from MeatSmith.

MeatSmith is a place that needs no introduction. The meat lover’s paradise offers American smokehouse barbecue favourites such as a hearty 14-hour-smoked Beef Brisket ($38 for 200g). Other favourites include fall-off-the-bone tender Spiced Pork Ribs ($32) and a flavoursome Jerk Chicken Chop ($20). Or if you’re feeling indulgent, order the Icon Wagyu Striploin ($72 for 300g) or King Island Grass Fed Tenderloin ($61 for 300g) for a meaty Western food feast.

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3. Red Eye Smokehouse

Have a ribbing good time with Red Eye Smokehouse’s Duroc Pork Ribs ($34) as well as other classic Western dishes.

Red Eye Smokehouse is another top-notch American-style barbecue smokehouse in Singapore. They pride themselves on serving quality meats that are prepared using authentic barbecue and smoking techniques. Sink your teeth into classic dishes such as the smokey Duroc Pork Ribs ($34 for 350g-400g) and Iberico Pork Belly ($25 for 200g). Finally, don’t forget to complete your Western food experience with nostalgic side dishes like Corn Bread With Honey Butter (from $5) and Burnt End Beans (from $5) when you order delivery from them too!

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4. Saveur

Saveur prides itself on its quality and hearty French cuisine. With islandwide delivery, they aim to bring their interpretation of French food to you in the comforts of your own home. Their signature dishes include the Confit de Canard ($30), which is a duck leg rendered and cooked in its own fat. There’s also the creamy and smooth Lobster Bisque ($20), as well as a Foie Gras Poele ($29), an indisputable fan favourite. Finally, end off your meal on a sweet note with the Tarte au Chocolat a la Framboise ($15), a dark chocolate tart with fresh raspberries.

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5. Tomahawk King by Stuffedwing Lab

Feast your eyes and taste buds on a legendary Tomahawk Steak (from $138.90 for 1.1-1.2kg) from Tomahawk King by Stuffedwing Lab.

Tomahawk King by Stuffedwing Lab is a halal restaurant that specialises in tomahawk steaks. Their legendary Tomahawk Steak (from $138.90 for 1.1-1.2kg) is able to feed up to 4 pax. The dish also comes with sharing portions of cheesy fries, onion rings and garden salad that will fill you up. Otherwise, you may also savour on a succulent Premium Australian Ribeye Steak (from $43.90) or the Signature Frenched Lamb Rack Cutlet with Potato Wedges ($42.90). Grab your carnivorous friends and pamper yourselves with a sumptuous Western food delivery experience!

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