Singaporeans’ Favourite Porridge Places You Can Get Delivery On Oddle Eats

A humble bowl of goodness to warm your soul
Specialty Frog PorridgeHong Chang Frog Porridge & BBQ Fish
Premium Lobster PorridgeWan He Lou
Cantonese Porridge Mui Kee CongeeVictor’s KitchenYum Cha Express
Teochew Porridge Paradise Teochew

It has been raining cats and dogs of late. Some of us might begin to feel unwell due to the cold weather. Others might be dispirited when thundery showers disrupt their plans. But you can make the rain go away and come again another day when you order from these 6 Singaporeans’ favourite porridge places. Derive comfort in a warm, modest bowl of porridge today by placing your porridge delivery with Oddle Eats.

1. Hong Chang Frog Porridge & BBQ Fish

Hong Chang Frog Porridge’s Signature Frog Leg (with Porridge) (from $10.50++)

Take a leap with Hong Chang Frog Porridge & BBQ Fish. Purchase their specialty frog leg porridge (from $10.50++) for a hearty meal on a chilly day. Pick between dry chilli and ginger spring onion cooking style for their porridge delivery. 

If you’re ordering in with your friends, complement your frog leg porridge with famous BBQ must-haves such as their Sambal / Garlic Stingray (from $13++) and Flower Clam (LALA) with Thai / Ginger Onion Sauce (from $11.70++). Complete your meal with their hot cuppa Homemade Lemon Ginger Honey (from $3++).

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2. Mui Kee Congee

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Mui Kee Congee takes their porridge delivery to the next level with a diversity of Cantonese porridge. Each bite of their Garoupa Belly Congee (from $17.42++) and Sliced Beef Congee (from $11.54++) has a silky smooth texture. Their Alaskan Crab Legs Premium Congee (from $28.25++) and Threadfin Belly Premium Congee (from $23.54++) endow you with energy to get through a lazy afternoon. 

Moreover, you can deliver either Combo Set A (from $48++) or Combo Set B (from $58++) to feed you and other two close congee buddies. Their homemade pork meatballs congee and drunken chicken in shaoxing wine are among many other Cantonese delicacies in these combos.

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3. Paradise Teochew

Paradise Teochew’s Minced Pork and Oyster Teochew Porridge (from $10.09++)

Beat the Monday blues with Paradise Teochew’s true-blue Teochew cuisine. Grab a taste of their tantalising Sliced Pomfret Teochew Porridge (from $13.39++) and Minced Pork and Dried Flat Fish Teochew Porridge (from $9.06++). If you’re looking for small bites to share alongside their scrumptious Teochew porridge, chew on their delectable steamed Dim Sum Platter (from $68.80++). The platter comes with cute steamed lotus paste buns in piggy shape!

Light up your day with their sweet treats including their Sugar-coated Deep-fried Yam Stick (8pc) (from $14.42++) and Chilled Mango Sago with Pomelo (from $7++).

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4. Victor’s Kitchen

Fish with Century Egg Porridge by Victor’s Kitchen (from $8.60++)

Forget all your woes when you go on a trip down memory lane with Victor’s Kitchen. Revel in their authentic HK-Style “Ting Zai” Porridge (from $5.50++) and Minced Pork with Dried Vegetable Porridge (from $5.50 ++), while sipping on their 100% HK-Style Hot Ying Yang (from $3++) for your coffee x tea fix. 

Furthermore, their old-school dim sum Scallop Lup Cheong Carrot Cake with XO Saunce (from $5.50++) and Poached Szechuan Dumplings in Spicy Sauce (5 pcs per set) (from $6.10++) are crafted with the utmost care to ignite your senses.

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5. Wan He Lou

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Who says being stuck at home has to be boring? Dear Lobster enthusiasts, this is your sign to splurge on your lobster porridge delivery with Wan He Lou ASAP! Opt for a snuggly and romantic date night with their award-winning Lobster Porridge Luxe Set for 2 (from $90++) which incorporates shark’s fin soup with crab meat, green dragon vegetable with minced garlic and dessert of the week.

You can also mix and match your very own 3-course dinner with their Crispy Salt & Pepper Soft Shell Crab (from $9.90++) as appetizer, Signature Lobster Porridge (from $39.90++) as main course and Orange Thousand Island Sauce Prawn Ball (from $18.90++) as dessert!  

Make your order and have fun switching it up to customize your very own intimate #stayhome dinner!

6. Yum Cha Express

Lean Meat Congee with Century Egg by Yum Cha Express (from $5.80++)

Wake up to the homey smell of porridge that Yum Cha Express boils with love. Their Ting Zai Congee with Peanuts (from $6.80++) and Dried Scallop Congee (from $6.10++) are perfect for an effortless breakfast in bed. Bring it up a notch with their huge variety of dim sum items like their Crispy Red Bean with Banana (from $6.10++) and Pan-Fried Pork Pancake (from $8++).

If the thundery storms ruined your family outing, you can still put a smile on everyone’s faces with a Weekend Zou San Breakfast Set For 4 (from $42.80++) while waiting for the rain to stop. 

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Let’s combat the wet season as we kickstart our mornings with a warm bowl of flavourful porridge delivery. Discover the trendiest food places on Oddle Eats and get their food delivered to your doorstep with the swipe of a button today.