5 best gourmet picks to deliver for your stay-home date nights

Plan for a romantic date night with Gourmet Food Delivery
Western favourites: • Amò RestaurantBurger & Lobster
Exquisite meats: • Fat CowThe Providore Gaig Restaurant

Not fully vaxxed or finding it tough to book into an ‘atas’ restaurant for date night with the dine-in restrictions? The pandemic has definitely put a halt on our gastronomical experiences and adventures. We may be not be able to dine out fully in the mean time, but that’s no excuse for giving up on indulging in exquisite meals even in the comfort of home.

Feed the epicurean side of you with these delicious gourmet meals from Oddle Eats delivered straight to your doorstep. Date night may turn out to be as romantic as planned after all.

1. Amò Restaurant

Amò Restaurant - Gourmet Food Delivery in Singapore || Oddle Eats
Amò- Click here to order now

Opened by Chef-Restaurateur Beppe De Vito of the ilLido Group, Amò prides itself in marrying authentic traditions with modern techniques. You know you are guaranteed the best at Amò as Beppe even sent two of his very own to Italy, the motherland of pizza, to master the art of dough-making and learn old recipes. Spice up your date night with a gourmet pizza such as the beautifully crafted Proscuitto Pizza ($34.25) topped with rucola and stracciatella. Or go green with the specialty Roasted Delica Pumpkin Pizza ($25.70), made of a pesto base and filled with Beluga capers.

2. Fat Cow

Fat Cow - Gourmet Food Delivery in Singapore || Oddle Eats
21 days Dry-aged Nagasaki Wagyu A5 Premium Donburi ($148)

Treat yourself to something special with Fat Cow. An award-winning modern fine-dining Japanese restaurant serving up the most luxurious beef experiences. Look out for their handpicked selection of Wagyu from reputable farms worldwide, along with a selection of exquisite Japanese preparation methods. You won’t want to miss out on their 21 days Dry-aged Nagasaki Wagyu A5 Premium Donburi ($148), a combination of tender beef pieces topped with fine ingredients such as Ikura, Uni, Caviar, Foie Gras, Onsen Egg atop a bed of signature rice. The Fat Cow Wagyu Sandwich ($88) is another best-seller, complete with Toriyama A4 Wagyu tenderloin.

3. The Providore

The Providore - Gourmet Food Delivery in Singapore || Oddle Eats
Deli Bundle for 2 ($32.10)

Love having an elaborate charcuterie board out at the thought of every special meal? Then this is the right place for you! The Providore offers a wide selection of gourmet cheeses, meats and bakes to get your date night or dinner party off to a good start. The Charcuterie Platter ($30.50) is your go-to for the basic artisanal meats such as parma ham and salami. Share the love with your partner or those around you with the Deli Bundle for 2 ($32.10), a selection of cheese, dried fruits and crackers. Sounds absolutely scrumptious!

4. Burger & Lobster

Burger & Lobster - Gourmet Food Delivery in Singapore || Oddle Eats
Original Lobster Roll ($29)

Burger & Lobster is definitely not stranger to us all. Known for their exceptional quality of food, they have built their gourmet menu around two premium ingredients – Nebraskan beef and wild Canadian lobster. Savour their Original Lobster Roll ($29) for a heavenly blend of chilled chunks of lobster meat dressed in lemon mayo encapsulated in a toasted brioche roll. Sharing with a special someone? Indulge in their Combo for 2 ($120) which includes another of their signature dishes, 1.5lb Whole Lobster ($57), as well as two main dishes and drinks.

5. Gaig Restaurant

Gaig Restaurant - Gourmet Food Delivery in Singapore || Oddle Eats
Gaig Restaurant – Click here to order now

Looking for something new to tantalise your taste buds? Explore Catalan cuisine with Gaig Restaurant, the first international outpost of the Michelin-starred restaurant in Barcelona. Opened by Carles Gaig, the family-owned establishment creates contemporary dishes made with modern techniques that celebrate the vivacious Catalan spirit. Have a mix of everything with the Menu Barcelona (for 2) ($130), a combination of 5 dishes that is sure to leave you satisfied. The wide selection of cold tapas is also not to be missed. Especially the Jamón Ibérico acorn-fed 60 months cured ($32), a welcome addition to your charcuterie platter.