Picking Themselves Back Up: The Plattering Co

Intricate elements, artistically assembled platters, showered with decadent flavours are what the passionate trio at The Plattering Co. do best. From best friends turned into a lifelong partnership, The Plattering Co. is proudly helmed by Jessica, Pearl and Yasmin. 

Best friends turned into a lifelong partnership 

From left to right: Jessica, Pearl and Yasmin

We can’t do without one another.

Pearl, Co-owner of The Plattering Co.

Despite the trio’s very different personalities, it best explains why they work along so well together. Pearl shares, “There’s this saying that, “Iron sharpens iron”, and it is definitely true in our case. You have three very different individuals coming together to work on one thing. It has only made us stronger.”  

A blessing in disguise

Beginning and operating as a juice bar cum catering business, the impact of COVID-19 certainly hit hard on The Plattering Co. The announcement of lockdown measures meant limited opportunities for corporate events, which was the bright spot for most caterers. In the midst of it all, the trio of The Plattering Co. persevered and sought to thrive in the next normal. 

It’s like going through fire and coming out of it stronger.

Pearl, Co-owner of The Plattering Co.

“We contemplated to let it go and take the easy way out which was to not operate, and forego the rental. However, because of the team, we persisted,” shared Yasmin. During this trying period, The Plattering Co. leveraged food trends amid the lockdown and concocted alternatives. From personal bowls, bentos to sharing platters which were a hit among their customers.

Soon after, the trio found another opportunity. They discovered the renewed connection and joy people received in sending a care package to loved ones and business partners. Hence, following closely behind came the birth of their sister brand, Sage and Gifts. (Available online as Gourmet Hampers and Gifts.)

The Plattering Co. specialities 

The Plattering Co. takes pride in providing a shared meal that binds people together, one filled with togetherness and love. Mouth-watering decadent and aesthetically pleasing to the eyes, its food and cheese platters are sure to welcome you to a world of multisensory experience. 

First up, sit back and tuck into The Plattering Co.’s speciality, Guinness Baby Back Ribs Meat Platter ($148). Fit for 5-7 pax, this dish goes a long way, with each mouthful ever so satisfying.

The ribs are first rendered and marinated over many hours, and are paired alongside a rich sauce that is boiled and reduced over a low fire stove many many hours. They complement each other to perfection, forming oh-so-flavourful, soft and fall off the bone ribs. The platter is also served alongside some juicy, tender chicken drumlets, chicken chipolata sausages, fluffy mashed potato and other accompaniments. Truly a sumptuous feast deemed to wow your guests.

The Plattering Co.’s signature Oven-baked Salmon with Aromatic Herb Blend Platter ($118) is another one to impress, serving 4-6 pax. They are generous with their offerings, where a plump slab of salmon is offered, baked to perfection and full of flavour.

This platter is accompanied by grilled portobello, crisp asparagus, hard-boiled eggs and a whole variety of roasted vegetables. A great combination and perfect for any gathering. 

Take your cheese experience up a notch with The Plattering Co.’s artistically assembled Gourmet Cheese & Fruit Platter ($95). Perfect for 2-3 pax, this platter brims with luscious produce. The star is its two types of Gourmet cheeses, Truffle Gouda & Brie. They are accompanied by a variety of seasonal fresh and dried fruits, nuts and artisanal crackers, creating a wonderful combination of textures and flavours.

It’s the support that matters 

If there is one secret to success, the trio’s family and teams’ unconditional support are to be acknowledged. Yasmin emotionally shared, “Sometimes when I reach home, I don’t talk and just go into my room because (I’m) so tired after a long day. But my mum will knock on the door and ask, “Is everything okay?” She continues, “(My family) don’t want to burden me, yet they just want me to know that they are there.” 

Support is important, because it’s not easy to run a race by yourself.

Yasmin, Co-owner of The Plattering Co.

While The Plattering Co.’s story all started with a simple juice idea, their ideas and accomplishments do not end here. The trio’s journey goes on, as they continue to delight and deliver gastronomic and visual food experiences with their wholesome assortment, which never fails to please.

Looking to host your friends or have a stay-home party with your loved ones? The Plattering Co. is at your service.