New on Oddle Eats [January 2021]: Saveur, Chir Chir & more!

New restaurants delivering islandwide as of January 2021
Korean: • K Food
Chinese: • Lao Huo Tang CantonWOK15 Kitchen
French: • Saveur
Bakes and pastries: • PantlerYes Natural Bakery
Grocery needs: • KIDDO

Cheers to the new year—it’s 2021 and we’re finally bidding goodbye to 2020. While the world isn’t going to be rid of its problems overnight, it’s always great to start anew. Plus, now that we’re in Phase 3 (yay!), you may be thinking of inviting your friends and family over for a #StayHome catch-up session. In search of good grub for your plans? Oddle Eats is here with our directory of restaurants offering islandwide food delivery.

Explore brand new restaurants on Oddle Eats as of January 2021, ranging from casual Korean to luxe French favourites and hearty Chinese fare. And though the Lunar New Year is still a month away, we’re all ready for ang pow season! Plan your reunions with our curation of CNY specials today.

With islandwide delivery, it doesn’t matter where you stay. Have your favourite eateries and restaurants deliver to you with just a click of a button!

1. K Food

Still catching up on all the K-dramas you missed last year? Elevate your Netflix sessions with K Food’s wide selection of Korean delivery staples. Tuck in with your favourite actors and actresses, and enjoy your share of baedal fare with Chir Chir, Masizzim, Nipong Naepong and The Alley!

If Korean fried chicken is up your alley, try the Spicy Chicken (from $20) or fragrant Garlic Roasted Chicken (from $24.50). The latter comes with an egg and a baked potato topped with sour cream on the side.

For fans of fusion fare, try Nipong Naepong’s take on jjamppong noodles with the Cha Ppong (from $17.80) and pick from beef or traditional seafood. Mala lovers, don’t miss out on the dry Beef Mala Ppong ($17.80), which is reminiscent of Singaporeans’ beloved mala xiang guo. 

A cup of milk tea. Royal No. 9 Milk Tea from KFood X The Alley, delivered islandwide in Singapore powered by Oddle.
Get your fix of Royal No. 9 Milk Tea with K Food X The Alley sets.

Wish you could slurp on a refreshing drink to cool the heat? With K Food X The Alley sets, such as the Chir Meal ($17.90 for 1 pax), you’re all set. Enjoy The Alley’s famed Royal No. 9 Milk Tea with Deerioca Pearls, which is already included in the bundle! For larger groups, opt for the Ppong Meal ($73.90 for 4 pax) or the Massizzim Meal ($100.80 for 4 pax).

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Who’s that new kid on the block? KIDDO, a brand new Japanese grocery store specialising in real food for kids, is here for all your grocery needs! Skip your weekly shopping trips and #StayHome with the option of islandwide delivery straight to your doorstep.

KIDDO’s signature seasoning powders, such as the Funmatsu Niboshi Dashi ($14.90 for 50g bottle), also known as the 100% Ikan Bilis Powder, is a lifesaver for home cooked meals. A pinch of 100% Organic Shitake Powder ($18.90 for 30g bottle) will add a nice hint of umami to your dishes, too.

Funmatsu Niboshi Dashi

100% Organic Shitake Powder

Wagyu Hand Minced Beef

Pre-Pack Hokkaido Sweet Corn & Pumpkin Porridge

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And because convenience is the core of KIDDO’s concept, have their Wagyu Hand Minced Beef ($7.90) delivered to you for all your cooking needs. Or opt for their 1 Week Protein Bundle ($18.90) featuring wagyu, shirobuta pork and sashimi grade trout for a whole week’s worth of ingredients! For busy mommies, their Pre-Pack Hokkaido Sweet Corn & Pumpkin Porridge ($5.60) can be cooked in a slow cooker while you’re out at work or running errands.

3. Lao Huo Tang Canton

Dreaded returning to your daily routine after having so many public holidays and breaks last month? Don’t fret, because Chinese New Year isn’t too far away!

Plus, now that Lao Huo Tang Canton is ready to serve up and deliver their CNY specials, you can make plans for your celebrations in advance.

Premium Buddha Jump over the Wall

Fish Maw Pig Stomach Chicken Soup

Crispy Peking Duck with Crepe & Condiments

Sweet & Sour Pork with Lychee

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Must-try soups include the Premium Buddha Jump Over the Wall ($34), which comes with a generous serving of abalone, dried oysters, and tender chicken packed into a ginseng broth. For health benefits that’s worth your buck, the Fish Maw Pig Stomach Chicken Soup ($24) is a great option.

Looking to bulk up? Their Sweet & Sour Pork with Lychee ($21) is a unique interpretation of gu lou yoke, where lychee is used to add sweetness to the dish instead of pineapple chunks. Don’t forget to have a taste of their Crispy Peking Duck with Crepe & Condiments (from $43).

And if you’re in charge of your family’s reunion dinner, delight your loved ones with the Fortune Set ($358 for 4 pax), Harmony Set ($538 for 6 pax) or the Success Set ($758 for 8 pax). All sets come with their must-have Yu-sheng, Buddha Jumps Over the Wall, and more.

4. Pantler

I didn’t know what ‘pantler’ meant until I chanced upon it in Pantler‘s name. Now out-of-use, the word refers to the servants and officers who managed pantries in large homes. Aptly named, the Japanese bakery creates and serves elegant pastries and desserts that are a feast for the eyes and the tastebuds. 

Roll Cake

Speculoos Cookies

Galette Bretonne

Ruby Chocolate

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Indulge in their classic Roll Cake, a light sponge cake with fresh cream, which is available in slices ($5.50) or as a whole roll ($22). Fruit lovers, their Strawberry Shortcake is also available in individual slices ($9.50) and as a whole cake (from $80). Using fresh strawberries flown in from Chitose, Hokkaido, the signature cake is light and sweet without being cloying.

Looking to send a gift to your loved ones? Choose from the Speculoos Cookies ($6.80) or Coffee Chocolate Cookies ($6.80). For something a little more unique, opt for the French butter cookie, a.k.a. the Galette Bretonne (from $3.50).

For more of Pantler’s beautiful creations, look no further than the Ruby Chocolate ($6.80). Made from naturally pinkish and reddish Ruby cocoa beans, this decadent chocolate carries slightly fruity notes with hints of berry flavours. Perfect for Valentine’s!

5. Saveur

French cuisine is always an exquisite affair. But it’s even better when you can have it at home. Bringing the best of French dining to you is Saveur—with islandwide delivery, you can have a first-class, Parisian dining experience in the comfort of your home!

The signature Duck Leg Confit from Saveur, delivered islandwide in Singapore powered by Oddle.
Saveur Duck Leg Confit ($26)

Topped with chive cream, the Lobster Bisque ($20) is a perfect lead-up to the stars of the night—the mains. The Pan Seared Foie Gras with Caramelised Apple and Grapefruit ($26) is an indisputable fan favourite. Alternatively, try the Saveur Duck Leg Confit ($26), which is rendered and cooked in its own fat. We definitely understand these dishes are Saveur’s hottest signatures!

A plate of carbonara with mushrooms. Creamy Mushroom Carbonara from Saveur, delivered islandwide in Singapore powered by Oddle.
Creamy Mushroom Carbonara ($25)

Saveur Group also comprises of subsidiary brands that offer an array of world cuisines, ranging from main courses to sweet treats. Try the Creamy Mushroom Carbonara ($25) by The Gallery Bistro. For desserts, check out Bread & Butterfly’s artisanal ice-cream. Satisfy your sweet tooth with their Pistachio and Candied Pecan ($19) ice-cream, or curb your curiosity with the experimental Avocado Coconut ($19).

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6. WOK15 Kitchen

WOK15 Kitchen, cooking up the freshest seafood dishes and Cantonese cuisine from Sentosa Cove, is finally delivering islandwide! And, no, I don’t mean Sentosa Island.

This CNY, don’t miss out on their Organic Pineapple Rolls with Pink Himalayan Salt ($28 for 1 bottle, $52 for 2 bottles). Enveloped in a buttery crust is a generous dose of organic, handmade pineapple jam. Plus, with the ever-so-subtle savouriness of the Himalayan salt, these pastries are definitely a pleasant surprise. Don’t forget to get your hands on the Mandarin Orange Fudge Cake ($78) too.

Still can’t decide? Don’t worry—get both of these decadent CNY goodies with the Festive Bundle ($118) and spare yourself the headache!

A platter of yu-sheng with accompanying sauces, crackers and smoked salmon. Prosperity Yu-sheng Platter with Smoked Salmon, delivered islandwide in Singapore powered by Oddle.
Enjoy the Prosperity Yu-sheng Platter with Smoked Salmon with WOK15 Kitchen’s Reunion Sets

For reunions proper, pick from the Golden Prosperity 7-course Reunion Set ($488 for 5 pax, $688 for 8 pax) or the Imperial Fortune 8-course Reunion Set ($688 for 5 pax, $988 for 8 pax). Both sets feature must-haves like the Prosperity Yu-sheng with Smoked Salmon and a myriad of other luxurious dishes for you and your family.

7. Yes Natural Bakery

Trying to stick to your New Years’ resolution to eat healthier this year? With Yes Natural Bakery, you don’t have to cut out your favourite snacks. Only natural ingredients like unbleached flour and organic brown sugar are used. Plus, all their creations are vegan or vegetarian.

Pineapple Balls, Macadamia Cookies, and more

Pineapple Balls (Vegan)

Golden Roll (Vegan)

Macadamia Cookies

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What better way to indulge in healthy CNY goodies without sacrificing the shiok factor? With the festive season coming up next month, don’t miss out on their Pineapple Balls ($23.80), which is also available as a vegan ($23.80) variant. Give the Golden Rolls ($28.80) a go too. The vegan-friendly version of the traditional egg rolls and love letters are just as good as the original! While you’re at it, have a taste of their Macadamia Cookies ($23.80).

If you prefer savoury treats, have a try of the Arrowhead Crispy ($13.80) and Seaweed Crispy ($13.80). Delicious and guilt-free? Sign me up!

Updated Weekly: We’ll be adding more new restaurants offering food delivery in Singapore to this list! Check out our Oddle Eats directory of the best restaurants in Singapore that ALL deliver islandwide!