Battle of the best hot pot, fine-dining & zi char! Which delivery gets Food King’s vote?

#StayHome party meals – delivered
Hot pot: • Beauty In The PotTong Xin Ru Yi
International Fine Eats: • Fat CowSalted & Hung
Zi Char: • Yu Cun Curry Fish HeadKeng Eng Kee

What better way to kick off a Christmas day with another episode of Food King! As we approach the final installment for the Oddle Eats Awards, stand a chance to win not $100, but $200 worth of dining vouchers for the ultimate feast with friends and family!

In this episode, our lovely hosts, Ryan, Aiken, and garden goddess Nina don fluffy Santa hats and bright red aprons, befitting the Christmas mood as they take on top contenders of the Oddle Eats Awards. For the last episode of the year, watch them review their picks from Best Hot Pot to Best International Fine Eats & Best Zi Char

We’re sure all these categories would make a splendid celebratory feast for all occasions. New year, new phase? Stay home, stay safe! Read on or watch the full video here and find out what the hosts have to say about the restaurant deliveries. Ding ding ding!

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Beauty In The Pot

First up, they’ve got the “beauty-est” of them all, Beauty In The Pot. Apparently, our hosts carry out a weekly ritual, where they have to (i repeat HAVE to) eat from this restaurant at least once a week?! Ladies and gents, that alone says it all.

The acclaimed restaurant is well-known for its dine-in service, but could they match it with home deliveries? Oh, yes. The hosts ordered Back By Popular Demand (serves 3-4 pax) ($70.04). Their ingredients are of premium quality, and we can’t forget their Signature Beauty Collagen Broth, which parallels the name of the restaurant. One thing’s for sure is that Paradise Group sure makes up for the lack of the amazing dining experience with their delivery packaging, cooking instructions, and tumblers of soup broth. Yes – four of ’em. Just as Ryan said, “eat here or eat there also no difference one” – you can count on the OG Food King about your #StayHome hot pot feast.

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Save all that hassle of going down to an outlet and queuing up for hours. Just order ahead, and have the whole table delivered to you (minus the hot pot), in the comfort of your very home, minus the Happy Birthday cheers… #IYKYK.

Tong Xin Ru Yi

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Next up, a slightly more exotic contender, though one, to still intrigue your tastebuds and certainly Nina’s, Tong Xin Ru Yi takes the stage. With the Spicy Catfish Pot ($48) and the Frog Pot ($68), our Sichuan-spice lovers sure have got to try this. Adding on to the element of fuss-free dining, Tong Xin Ru Yi has got all your ingredients kept fresh, packed, and tightly sealed into a single foil container. All you have to do is, switch on your induction cooker, place the container atop, and feast! The epitome of 0% effort, 100% enjoyment.

WARNING! Their hotpot serves as a spicy treat that exudes robust authentic Sichuan Mala flavour. If you’re a Mala lover in need of that kick of spice and numbness each meal, you’ve definitely gotta set a date with Aiken and Nina. But if you’d prefer a calmer hotpot experience, you can hit up Ryan and join him on his weekly affair with Beauty in the Pot. That said – this was the true underdog of the episode.


Salted & Hung

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No Nina, it’s not Salted & Hunk but Salted & Hung. Nevertheless, this sustainable fine-dining restaurant lives up to its name of solid dishes with immense flavour. The Feed The Family ($138) bundle came with a luxurious spread of house favourites. Although distinctively the item on the table, the Black Garlic Mayo claimed the title of an absolute ‘bomb’ for our hosts. Thick and creamy, it goes extremely well atop the IPA Sourdough bread together with a layer of Duck Rilette. Claimed as one of the “best spreads” she has ever tried, Nina had her jaw agape after a single bite. Will it be a must-try for you too?

Another dish that stole the spotlight that day was the Mac & 3 Cheese. Boasting a robust wok hei flavour due to its charred exterior, that immediately caught the attention of the hosts. The final dish, a.k.a. The Vanilla & Cherry Cheesecake left everyone floored, as praises streamed in and easily became a “must-have” dessert after your meal. Guess we’ve got numerous “must-trys” from Salted & Hung!

Fat Cow

Fat Cow, well-known for their hearty donburi bowls and abundant ingredients, have won many hearts with their excellent dine-in service and use of premium ingredients. But will they win over Food King’s hearts?

The team kicked off their review with the raved Fat Cow Wagyu Sandwich (S$88). It featured Toriyama A4 Wagyu Tenderloin sandwiched between 2 toasted brioche buns. While the luxurious flavours came through, the bread unfortunately did not travel well. Moving on to the rice bowls!

The Tokujou Donburi (S$68) packed intense flavour, or as Aiken mentioned it as “重口味”. Every grain of rice was strongly infused with truffle oil which will certianly please truffle fanatics. Ultimately, every donburi needs a good rice base and Fat Cow certainly lived up to expectations.


Yun Cun Curry Fish Head

Ryan’s wait is finally over. Named “one of the reasons [they] started Food King,” the statement revealed just how impactful their review of Yu Cun Curry Fish Head and the dish itself was. Having managed to maintain the consistency of their gravy and flavour, Ryan and Aiken were impressed by the Claypot Curry Fish Head (S$34.72). Yet this was no surprise coming from them as regular patronisers of the Zi Char stall. Mind you – the hosts rated them not 1, not 2, not 3 but 4 STARS on Food King! Both delicious and up to standard for dine-in and delivery, this is one we all can’t afford to miss.

Keng Eng Kee

As a clear zi char lover, Keng Eng Kee (KEK) has been claimed to be another of Ryan’s favourites. The must-try crowd favourite Moonlight Horfun 月光河粉 (from S$7.20) thoroughly impressed the panel. Kudos to the strong wok hei flavours that were retained in the dish. Despite losing some heat from the delivery journey, it still received high praise

Now, for something fresh off the boat. The latest item on the menu, Curry Sliced Pork 咖喱猪肉 (from S$18), made a special appearance after a personal recommendation from the bosses. Reminiscent of nostalgic homemade flavours, the simple yet bold dish assuredly impressed.