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Chinese: • White RestaurantImperial TreasureTim Ho WanYum Cha Express
Western: • SaveurASTONS Specialities
Malaysian: • Penang Culture
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Hello, March! With the beginning-of-year festivities coming to an end, life is returning at a slower pace. You may be wondering: what now? Well, it’s time to bring your family feasts home with Citi Cards Promo! From 1 to 31 March 2021, enjoy $5 off with a min. $50 spend (from ALL restaurants!) when you pay with your Citi Card. No promo code is required. At Oddle Eats, we’ve got more than 700 of the best restaurants in Singapore for you to explore. After-work meals, or get-togethers for the March holidays and weekends—we got you. And we’ve got islandwide delivery too!

Check out Citi’s recommendations of the best places to order your #StayHome meals from this March. Hop in and take your pick from sushi to roast duck, Western to Hong Kong dim sum. Order early to save, only with Citi Cards Promo.

1. Genki Sushi

Salmon Mentai

Beef Udon

Family Feast Set

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Genki Sushi is the first place we’d usually think of for affordable, yet high-quality Japanese grub. And no Genki meal is complete without having a taste of their bestselling Salmon Mentai ($3.20 for 2 pcs) and Mentai Mayo Fries ($4.50). Sushi aside, the Beef Udon ($8.50) is your best bet for something traditional. If you’re planning a family dinner with the younger ones for their school holidays, the Family Feast Set ($49.90) features 57 pieces of their best maki and nigiri picks, with favourites like Cheese Tobikko and lots of salmon sushi to keep them happy!

2. White Restaurant

Original White Beehoon

Seafood & Chinese Sausage Fried Rice

Fried Soon Hock in Soya Bean Sauce

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Famed for creating the Original White Beehoon (from $9.24), White Restaurant is delivering its signature zi char dishes via Oddle Eats! Their Fried Soon Hock in Soya Bean Sauce (from $53.68) is always a welcome addition to the table. For mains, give the Seafood & Chinese Sausage Fried Rice (from $9.24) a try. White Restaurant also provides mini catering buffets for parties, corporate events, and special occasions. For an extra luxe meal, go for the Menu D (from $258 for 10 pax), which comes with Salted Egg Pork Ribs, Sambal Sotong, a Gingko and Barley dessert, and more for your family to share.

3. Imperial Treasure

海小笼包 Steamed Shanghai Pork Dumpling

千层耳糕 Thousand Layer Pig's Ear

北京式烤鸭 Peking Duck

四川麻辣汤 Sichuan Spicy Soup

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Imperial Treasure serves up the finest Chinese cuisine with Shanghai, Teochew and Cantonese flavours and culinary techniques. Feeling adventurous? Take a chance on the 千层耳糕 Thousand Layer Pig’s Ear ($17.12). If not, opt for the familiar上海小笼包 Steamed Shanghai Pork Dumpling ($13.48 for 6 pcs), or xiao long baos. Prefer roast duck or hotpot? Imperial Treasure Super Peking Duck and Imperial Treasure Steamboat Restaurant’s creations are bound to satiate your taste buds. Take advantage of Citibank’s promotions and order their 北京式烤鸭 Peking Duck ($96.30) as your dinner table centerpiece and turn up the heat with the 四川麻辣汤 Sichuan Spicy Soup ($27.82)!

4. Saveur

Saveur Duck Leg Confit

Lobster Bisque

Signature Saveur Pasta

Margherita Pizza

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Planning for a candlelit dinner with haute cuisine at home? Saveur has got anything you might want under a single roof. Take a trip to France with the Saveur Classics ($70), a 4-course meal featuring Lobster Bisque, Saveur’s Signature Duck Leg Confit and a pasta dish, and 70% Chocolate Moelleux. Or head to Naples, the birthplace of pizza, with the Margherita Pizza ($24). Plus, it’s an opportunity to order in Bread & Butterfly’s artisanal gelato with the 6 Impossible Things ($80), which comes with a total of 6 regular and premium ice-cream flavours. Great for a second round of desserts!

Plus, with greater savings brought to you by Citibank Promotions, there’s no harm in ordering an extra pint (or two) of ice-cream to stash at home.

5. ASTONS Specialities

ASTONS Specialities began as a humble steakhouse but is now synonymous with casual Western fare (hefty price tags not included). With Citi Cards Promo, it’s even more value-for-money! Choose your favourite flavours and side dishes for the Chicken & Fish ($21.50). For more bank for your buck, opt for the All Day Special ($21.50), a big breakfast with grilled chicken, Vienna sausages and scrambled eggs. For kid-friendly dishes that are sure to delight, the Chargrilled Chicken ($13) and ASTONS Classic Cheeseburger ($17.90) are foolproof.

6. Tim Ho Wan

Baked BBQ Pork Buns 酥皮焗叉烧包

Pan-fried Radish Cake 香煎萝卜糕

Chicken, Cordycep Flower, and Mushroom with Rice 虫草花北菇鸡饭

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Huat season may be over, but we’ve still got Tim Ho Wan (Cantonese for “add some good luck”) to tide us through till the next Lunar New Year. In the meantime, be blessed with a gastronomic dim sum experience straight from the shores of Hong Kong with their BBQ Pork Buns ($8.40 for 3 pcs), one of the brand’s Big 4 Heavenly King Dim Sum. Other dishes in this category include their Steamed Sponge Cake ($6.50) and Pan-fried Radish Cake ($6.50). Remember those wishes for good health during your loheis? The Chicken, Cordycep Flower, and Mushroom with Rice ($8.30) is perfect for accumulating health points. As for wealth points, the Citibank promo has got you covered with greater discounts for your stay-home meals. Don’t worry about that!

7. Yum Cha Express

Miss hanging out in char chaan tengs and sipping on silk-stocking milk tea in Wan Chai? With Yum Cha Express, you can yumcha at home whenever you want!

Piglet Bao (Frozen)

Lotus Leaf Pumpkin Rice 金瓜荷叶饭

Signature Fish Roe Siew Mai

Baked Mini Egg Tarts

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A new addition to their menu, their Lotus Leaf Pumpkin Rice 金瓜荷叶饭 ($10.25) is a great one to go along with their Dim Sum Sets. From the Petite Dim Sum Set ($58 for 3-4 pax) to the Dim Sum Set C ($230 for 18-20 pax), there’s one for every occasion.

Yum Cha has also launched a series of frozen dim sum and baos, such as their Yum Cha Trio ($33.80) consisting of Crystal Chives Dumplings, Prawn Dumplings, and Fish Roe Siew Mai. Also on the menu is their ever-adorable Piglet Bao (Frozen) ($13.80 for 6 pcs) to appeal to the younger ones at home! Keep these in the fridge—you never know when you’ll be craving some freshly steamed, piping-hot dim sum.

8. Man Man Unagi

With live freshwater eels imported straight from Japan’s Mikawa Isshiki region, which is famed for having the best in the country, you can be sure that Man Man Unagi is the real deal.

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Die-hard unagi lovers, opt for the Kabayaki Bento ($31.30) for an upsized portion of eel. Or, go for their Hitsumabushi (from $34) to enjoy the eel in 3 ways—as it is in all its charred umami glory, with condiments, and finally immersed in a broth. Otherwise, the Grilled Salmon Belly with Unagi Bento ($28.50) and Roast Beef with Unagi Bento ($30.50) are majorly app-eel-ing too!

9. Penang Culture

Penang Culture, the first halal-certified, Penang-themed restaurant on our shores, is here with your favourite comfort food from across the causeway!

Penang Fried Kway Teow

BBQ Lala

Penang Lor Bak

Penang Belacan Fried Rice


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With the Combo 2 ($70 for 2-3 pax), you’ll be set with a full spread of dishes on your dining table. Dig into irresistible classics such as Fried Kway Teow, Penang Fried Hokkien Mee, and BBQ Lala. Before that, though, you gotta have the Penang Lor Bak ($8), which is served with crunchy Fried Prawn Fritters. Sip on the go-to drink of many Penangites, the Ampla Juice ($5), and end your meal with a refreshing bowl of Cendol ($6). With Oddle Eats‘ islandwide delivery, your home can turn into a food paradise, too!

10. London Fat Duck

Hailing from Hong Kong, the birthplace of famed HK roasts, and armoured with top-grade Irish ducks, London Fat Duck needs little introduction. You can’t miss out on the 招牌伦敦鸭 Signature London Roast Duck, which comes as a Whole ($70.80), Half ($36.80), or Regular ($20.80). Looking for a twist? The 黑松露烤鸭 Italian Truffle Roast Duck ($59.80) blends East and West together and brings the brand’s name to life. They’ve also got a wide selection of dim sum, congee, and rice and noodle dishes to suit lighter palates. Tempted? Order yours early and pay with your Citi Card for greater savings!

With this list of food delivery places in Singapore to order your takeout from, it’s time to treat yourself to a nice meal at home with Oddle Eats. Feast better with Citi Card Promos and save when you do!