Food King NOC chef Shen Aiken and Ryan review Chinese foods

What Chinese food delivery gets Food King’s vote? What will get yours?

Chinese food delivery favourites
Chinese Casual Dining: • Soup Restaurant Paradise Dynasty
Chinese Fine Eats: • Min Jiang TungLok Signatures
Roast Duck: • Dian Xiao Er Imperial Treasure Super Peking Duck

“Lockdown” has been declared word of the year by Collins Dictionary, and it only follows that we proclaim ‘food delivery’ buzzwords of the year!

From ordering in everyday nosh and the occasional “self care” midweek treats that brightened those lonnnng circuit breaker days, to home-delivered communal spreads and fine dining fare (missing ingredient: the extended bunch of makan kakis), Singapore’s F&B estabs have really ploughed through these tough #StayHome months to keep us well fed and gratified.

The Oddle Eats Awards round up the year’s most popular restaurants and outlets—over 100 of them, across 12 categories—that deliver right to you.

ICYMI, check out Food King’s review of the best Chinese food delivery restaurants. No, there’s no Duck Brain category, but the hosts did get a head start on on their Best Chinese Casual Dining and Best Chinese Fine Eats favourites, even as hosts Aiken and Ryan have a showdown over which gets their vote for Best Roast Duck.


Soup Restaurant

We all know Soup Restaurant‘s Ah Por Ginger Fried Rice ($14.90) to be a must-have whether it’s dine-in or delivery. The strong aroma and fragrance of the dish easily impressed and truth be told—we expected no less than the best from the Samsui Ginger experts!

The best way to enjoy the iconic Samsui Ginger Chicken ($42.90)? Try it Chef Shen’s way — by drizzling garlic ginger paste on top of the chicken and eating it with a piece of lettuce wrapped over it.

Paradise Dynasty

To fully appreciate other stronger tasting dishes, the La Mian with Scallion Oil (Dry) ($8.03) at Paradise Dynasty makes a light and comforting dish that pairs well with all other dishes. Although seemingly simple, the dish accentuates a certain elegance that draws fans like Ryan, back for more.

The Stir-fried Shredded Pork in Black Bean Sauce served with Chinese Crêpe ($15.24) is prepared with a pinch of sugar, dark soy sauce and caramel sauce. The pork had a nice bite to it and was described in the most Singaporean way possible—shiok.


Min Jiang

Although Ryan’s Ah Ma proudly takes first place for the best fried rice in the world, Min Jiang’s Iberico Pork Fried Rice with XO Sauce ($39.60) comes close to that level. With a comforting and homely taste, this dish was crowned one of the favourites of the day.

TungLok Signatures

Next up, TungLok Signatures! The Braised Flat Noodles with Honey-glazed Pork in X.O. Sauce ($25.70) lived up to Food King’s expectations. What impressed was the flavour combination, easily awarded a firm seat in the hosts’ hearts.

Diving deeper into fine eats, Steamed Star Garoupa Fillet in Chicken Stock and Wine ($51.40) is one of utmost class. Unlike other dishes which use packet milk to achieve a milky soup base, TungLok Signatures seafood dish attributes its milkiness to the collagen that is broken down in the soup during the boiling process.

And of course, the stellar dish became the dish of the episode.


Dian Xiao Er

At Chef Shen’s recommendation, Aiken and Ryan ventured to sample duck brain, and discoverd to their surprise that it tastes quite like foie gras. That aside, Dian Xiao Er’s whole Duck Roasted with Angelica Herb (Whole) ($59.81) is arguably the epitome of comfort Chinese food and a definite mall-favourite.

Imperial Treasure Super Peking Duck

How good could roast duck be? For Aiken, it was posh dining excellence (from home). Carefully separated into four parts, there are many ways for diners to enjoy the Peking Duck from Imperial Treasure Super Peking Duck

The thoughtful preparation of this dish managed to get both Aiken and Chef Shen’s votes. Safe to say, most of the viewers votes too.

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