10 Family Bundles to Enjoy this June Holiday

Amazing family feasts to share with your loved ones!
Fun Favourites • Arnold’s Fried Chicken Joo Chiat Popiah Yellow Cab Pizza Co. Yummy Takoyaki
Western Food • ChopS! Grill & Sides The Plattering Co.
Asian Food • Istimewa Nasi Padang White Restaurant Bentos & Ala-Carte
Sweet Treats Baskin Robbins – Ice Cream Cakes Butter Studio

June is around the corner, which means the school holidays are approaching. While you’re busy planning activities for the kids, it’s also important to find time for your family meals. To get you started, here’s a list of the 10 best family bundles on Oddle Eats. Our extensive selection ranges from full meals to sweet treats, so there’s bound to be something for everyone!

1. Arnold’s Fried Chicken

Arnold’s Fried Chicken’s Variety Feast, from $52.20++

Established in 1984, Arnold’s Fried Chicken has gained throngs of adoring fans over the years, and it’s no surprise that it’s particularly well-loved by kids. Their variety of sharing options makes them the perfect choice for family meals. Opt for the 10 Piece Chicken Chest (from $35.20++), enough to feed 4-5, or dig into the Variety Feast (from $52.20++) with 8 pieces of crisp fried chicken, tenders, popcorn chicken, and sides.

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2. Baskin Robbins – Ice Cream Cakes

Baskin Robbins’ Brownie Ala Mode (from $10.50++)

It’s impossible to say no to ice cream. Baskin Robbins has an eye-watering variety of delightful flavours to choose from, from the ever-popular Cookies & Cream to more decadent selections like Chocolate Mousse Royale.

Score family bundle deals when you order from them online. Every 3 pints (from $48++) (or quarts) gets you 1 more for free.

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3. Butter Studio

Butter Studio’s Signature Tarts (from $26++)

An assortment of delectable desserts awaits you at Butter Studio, from freshly-baked pastries to creamy gelato and lush cakes. For an afternoon treat with your loved ones, consider the Signature Tarts box (from $26++), with rich flavours like Sea Salt Nutella and Speculoos Cream Cheese. Those looking for a more indulgent treat will love their TeaTime BakeBox (from $30++), loaded with goodies like the Signature Tart, Burnt Cheesecake, Lemon Loaf Slices, and more.

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4. ChopS! Grill & Sides

ChopS! Grill & Sides’ Original XXL Platter from $59.90++

For their prices, ChopS! Grill & Sides serves up an impressive range of mains and sides with generous portions. If you’re looking for a family bundle, their Party Platters are crowd-favourite picks. The Original XXL Platter (from $59.90++) comprises 6 meats and 10 sides, providing you with tons of value and variety for up to 6 people. Otherwise, the Chops Family bundle (from $59.90++) is excellent for 5 people, serving up pasta and chicken wings along with 4 other meats and 6 sides.

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5. Istimewa Nasi Padang

Combine variety with quality, and you’ll get Istimewa Nasi Padang, a family-owned business with decades of history.

Their Nasi Ambeng Platter (from $22++) has been voted Top Three in Singapore (Halal Awards 2020), which is no surprise, as it contains 10 flavour-packed dishes. You’ll get to savour their fragrant Beef Rendang and rich Ayam Lemak Padi in this large feast. For greater satisfaction, consider adding a la carte signature dishes such as the Sotong Sambal (from $12++) and Ayam Goreng (from $9++) into your cart too.

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6. Joo Chiat Popiah

Joo Chiat Popiah’s DIY Standard Set from $68++

If you’re looking for an easy, hands-on activity to enjoy with the kids, you’ll love Joo Chiat Popiah’s DIY Standard set (from $68++). The individual components of the popiah are packed and delivered to you, leaving the integral part of the experience—wrapping the popiah—for your family to enjoy. On top of that, there’s also a DIY Vegetarian set and DIY Kueh Pie Tee set at the same prices.

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7. The Plattering Co.

The Plattering Co.’s Guinness Baby Back Ribs Meat Platter (from $155++)

Hop on the grazing trend with The Plattering Co.! Their mouth-watering platters are a visual feast, with portions ideal for family get-togethers. The Guinness Baby Back Ribs Meat Platter (from $155++) is their best-seller, with 2kg of succulent baby back ribs served alongside Chicken Chipolata sausages, drumlets, and satisfying sides. Those who prefer seafood will enjoy the Oven-baked Salmon Platter with Miso Sauce (from $138++), accompanied by roasted Portobello, brussels sprouts, and more. Either of them would be perfect as a family bundle.

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8. White Restaurant Bentos & Chinese Ala-Carte

Known by many as ‘Sembawang White Beehoon’, White Restaurant has evolved beyond its humble origins to offer a more diverse selection of local Chinese fare. Have their 3-4 pax Set (from $70.29++) delivered to your home, where you can slurp up their Original White Beehoon. At the same time, this family bundle lets you tuck into home-style dishes like Signature Fried Wings, Salted Egg Pork Ribs, and Homemade Soy Tofu with Minced Meat.

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9. Yellow Cab Pizza Co.

You can’t go wrong with pizza; not when it’s from Yellow Cab Pizza Co.. This New York-inspired joint offers timeless classics like Pepperoni & Mushroom, but those looking for something different will also appreciate options like Seafood Alfredo and Sundried Tomato Pesto. Fortunately, with the Take Three Set (from $45++), you won’t have to pick just one! Everyone can get their share of the pie (pun intended). Make it a full-on feast with selections of pasta, baked macaroni, and other delectable sides.

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10. Yummy Takoyaki

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Yummy Takoyaki adds a local spin on a Japanese classic. Their YT Signature Platter (from $33++) comes with 30 pieces of bite-sized takoyaki delight. There are other flavours like the Chilli Tuna platter (from $57++), Chuka Idako (marinated octopus) platter (from $57++), and more. For a taste of their tender Fish Otah and a selection of house-blend drinks, opt for the YT Triple Set (from $85++), which is good for 4 to 5 people.

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