10 Chinese Food Deliveries In Singapore That’ll Surely Impress Uncle Roger

Uncle Roger Approved
Lower Price Range: • White RestaurantBoon Tong Kee
Mid Price Range: • Dian Xiao ErSoup RestaurantA-One Claypot HouseLao Huo Tang
Higher Price Range: • Social Place Paradise Dynasty Yun Nans Putien

When it comes to Chinese food, I often think of the home-cooked meals lovingly prepared by my grandmother. That said, good Chinese food isn’t only found at home, or only cooked by Chinese grandmothers!

After all, Singapore is a melting pot of cultures, so there’s plenty of Chinese restaurants around us that serve up sumptuous Chinese delicacies. Here’re 10 Casual Chinese Food Deliveries in Singapore to embrace our multiculturalism with!

1. White Restaurant

White Restaurant is a long-established zi-char-style restaurant with numerous outlets island-wide. In fact, today, I’m still a regular patron of their original Sembawang outlet!

It goes without saying that their signature item is The Original White Bee Hoon (from S$7.70). Silky-smooth and topped with so many ingredients, it always makes for a satisfying meal.

Of all the places specialising in white bee hoon in Singapore, White Restaurant continues to be my go-to spot. For after all these years, they’ve kept up their standards.

2. Paradise Dynasty

Paradise Dynasty prides itself on serving up northern and southern China cuisines that are fit for a king. But that doesn’t mean you have to burn a hole in your wallet from eating like a king!

As a self-proclaimed pork chop fried rice connoisseur myself, their 香酥猪扒炒饭 Fried Rice with Crispy Pork Chop (S$14.42) is a worthy competitor. Massive and juicy, the pork chop will surely satisfy the meat lover in you.

Not only that, but the fried rice is also tossed with a good amount of eggs. I’m pretty sure even the toughest egg fried rice critics like Uncle Roger will approve of this.

3. Yun Nans

Yun Nans opened their very first outlet outside China right in the heart of Jewel Changi Airport. The chain specialises in Yunnan cuisine and has now expanded to a total of two outlets just in Singapore.

If there’s one dish you must try here, it’s their Steam Pot Chicken Soup 云海肴汽锅鸡. The dish features Yunnan ingredients as well as a special brewing technique that results in unbelievable flavours.

It’s amazing how a soup that looks so clear can taste so rich and nourishing. I, for one, am definitely bringing my future in-laws here. Don’t tell them though, else there’s no more surprise.


If you haven’t noticed by now, we Chinese love our carbohydrates. A meal is never complete without a serving of rice, or a rice or noodle-centric dish.

PUTIEN should come across as a familiar name to Chinese food lovers, as such. With a Michelin star under its belt, the international franchise serves up authentic cuisine from the Fujian Province in China.

My go-to here, without a doubt, is their 福建紅菇海鲜卤面 | PUTIEN Red Mushroom Lor Mee/Fujian Lor Mee (S$16). The noodles have just the perfect chewy texture and taste exquisite with the umami broth they’re soaked in. Not forgetting their 兴化炒米粉 | Fried Heng Hwa Bee Hoon ($11.70) as well!

It’s simply a bonus that they’re also consistently generous with their servings. For beneath the noodles are numerous pieces of prawns, pork belly, as well as clams. Warms the cockles of my heart, if you ask me.

5. Social Place

Renowned Hong Kong chain Social Place set up their very first overseas outlet here in Singapore in 2014. The restaurant specialises in modern Chinese cuisine but with a unique twist.

Social Place Singapore - Wagyu Char Siu

Their signature Wagyu Char Siu (for 2 pax) (S$30.89) is unlike any char siew dish you’ve tried. The choice of protein here is the exquisite Wagyu beef, which they season with a soy-base marinade before grilling it. 

A unique, modern and elevated take on the traditional pork char siew, the dish certainly lives up to its name.

6. Dian Xiao Er

Those of you who love roast ducks will definitely have heard of Dian Xiao Er. The roast ducks here are well-known for packing strong herbal flavours.

If you love a powerful herbaceous kick in your roast ducks as I do, their Duck Roasted w Ten Wonder Herbs (十全) 药材烤鸭 (from S$18.51) is a must-try. 

With a whopping total of 10 herbs in it, the dish has calming effects and numerous other health benefits. Delicious yet nourishing, it really can’t get any better than that!

7. Soup Restaurant

With several outlets island-wide, Soup Restaurant has its origins dating back to 1991. The well-established chain specialises in Hong Kong-style dishes that remind diners of homecooked food.

Just do a quick search for recommendations on what to eat here and you’ll probably end up with their signature Samsui Ginger Chicken 三水姜茸鸡 (from S$25.90).

Shining, shimmering and splendid, the chicken dish isn’t a feast only for the eyes but the palate as well. Pair the meat with their spicy ginger dip and it’ll show you a whole new world of Chinese cooking.

8. Boon Tong Kee

It’s a well-known fact that chicken rice is the national dish of Singapore. And one of the most famous places in Singapore for it is none other than Boon Tong Kee.

Another long-established brand, Boon Tong Kee has been around since 1983. That said, the owner was already selling chicken rice in a small stall even before that!

Grace your feast with their Signature Boiled Chicken (Half) 美味白切雞半只 ($18). Soft, juicy and tender, it checks all the boxes of a good steamed chicken. It’s no wonder even tourists come here for a taste of our national dish.

9. A-One Claypot House

I always find that cooking in claypots brings out much more flavour in a dish. Hence, A-One Claypot House is a place I frequently go to satisfy my claypot dish cravings.

A-One’s Yang Zhou Fried Rice 扬州炒饭 (from S$14.90) never ever fails to hit the spot. By cooking it in a claypot, the fried rice tastes extra smokey which makes it so fragrant and indulgent.

Furthermore, with delivery options available, you can savour hearty claypot dishes in the comfort of your own home. What more can you ask for, right?

10. Lao Huo Tang

Ask any Cantonese person and chances are they’ll tell you that soups are a significant component in every Chinese meal. As a Cantonese myself, I certainly can testify to that.

Established in 2008, Lao Huo Tang has evolved from a hawker stall to a successful restaurant group. Their traditional Chinese soups are popular for being gentle tonics that have tremendous health benefits.

Lotus Root Soup with Peanut (S$11) is one of my all-time favourite soups and Lao Huo Tang does one really well. Rich and savoury, the soup comes with a ton of healthful ingredients as well.

In fact, in all of their traditional soups, Lao Huo Tang uses only natural ingredients. Hence, you can be sure that you’re getting the real deal.

There’s so much more to Chinese food than meets the eye! With various cuisines from different cultures, it’s impossible to cover everything. 

That said, we’d love to find out where else we can enjoy authentic Chinese dishes from, so let us know!