The stakes get higher as Food King reviews $16 nasi lemak, 21-inch pizza and artisan dim sum!

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Nasi Lemak: • Penang Culture The Coconut Club
Western Casual Dining: • Peperoni PizzeriaPotato Head
Best Dim Sum: • Swee Choon Tim Sum RestaurantMASA by Black Society

Once again, Food King smashes through their recommendations from three categories of the Oddle Eats Awards, serving up some smokin’ hot tips that’ll get you through your “what should I order” days.

In the latest episode Giving Away $1000 For You To EAT!, Aiken Chia, Ryan Tan and Nina Tan review contenders in Oddle Eats Awards’ Best Nasi Lemak, Best Dim Sum and Best Western Casual Dining nominees, all of whom deliver island-wide of course!

Even without the ongoing Oddle Eats Awards, “best nasi lemak” is one of the most contentious topics among Singaporeans, with personal preferences down to the sambal (should it have ikan bilis, when there’s crispy ikan bilis on the side?!), does fried egg belong in this dish, and how lemak the nasi should be.

Food King bravely puts forth their views on their favourite nasi lemak, as well as artisanal dim sum and their ang moh jiak. Agree? Strongly disagree? Make your vote count in the Oddle Eat Awards (details below) so your favourite restaurant takes their rightful place as Best in Class.


Penang Culture

Who would have thought Penang Culture served up incredible nasi lemak? Hidden in the menu of the Penang street food restaurant, the unprepossessing Premium Nasi Lemak ($16) stole the spotlight as the episode kicked off. Flaunting a beautifully-marinated piece of fried chicken atop fluffy coconut basmati rice and the usual nasi lemak suspects (ikan bilis, kacang, sambal chilli), this dish’s X factors were narrowed down by Food King to two things: chili and rice. Penang Culture’s chili had a sour tang, which was deemed unique by Ryan (in a good way of course), and to Nina’s delight, the rice wasn’t clumpy, but soft and had a good bite to it.

The Coconut Club

Chicken Leg Set
Chicken Leg Set
Chicken Leg Set
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A strong contender in the nasi lemak scene goes to The Coconut Club. Known for sourcing single-orgin coconuts, you can count on the team to serve you a premium plate using premium ingredients. The classic Chicken Leg Set ($16.30) came with a hunky-chunky chicken leg, drawing looks from the panel because of it’s beautiful “rub”, otherwise called as “po pi” (abrasions) by Ryan. Interesting.

The infusion of marinade sure did it’s reputation justice and it’s no surprise the chili and rice met the expectations of the panel. “I wish I could have this (The Coconut Club) chilli, with that (Penang Culture) chicken!”

Technically, not impossible Ryan… Order both lah, very convenient! Or can try others in the running for Singapore’s Best Nasi Lemak delivery mmmm? 😉


Peperoni Pizzeria

Nina’s scream says it all. Lots of people have been blown away by Peperoni Pizzeria‘s party-friendly 21-inch pizzas! Food King opted for the Classico (Red Base) Half & Half XXL Pizza ($62) with a choice of Frutti Di Marre (seafood) and Carne (pork). The wood-fired pizza remained “premium tasting” after surviving delivery, proclaimed the newfound Peperoni fan, garden goddess Nina. Plus, the option to half-half your pizza flavours ensure everyone’s happy when sharing this pie. Oh Peperoni, you’ve done it again!

Potato Head

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Next, from Potato Head came the Truff Ryder ($34) burger. While the full-bodied flavours of this ‘which convinced Aiken to “waste calories” on this, it’s elevated standards didn’t quite sit with Nina. Surprisingly, it was a meat-free burger, the Impossible Dream ($24), that stole the show. Watching Food King devour it sure got us wanting a bite too!


Swee Choon Tim Sum Restaurant

Dim Sum Party Set A (3-4 pax)
Sichuan Chilli Oil Wanton 四川红油抄手 (Box of 8)
Swee Choon Mee-Suah Kueh 瑞春招牌面线果 (4 pieces)
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Swee Choon is a crowd-favourite heritage brand and familiar supper haunt for many. Their Dim Sum Party Set A ($59) makes the perfect party pack for dim sum fanatics. The stakes were high as to whether Swee Choon was deserving the go-to yum cha place, but the Food King hosts finally agreed to disagree on that, while unanimously agreeing that it was a great go-to supper option.

A couple of the host favourites are the Swee Choon Mee-Suah Kueh 瑞春招牌面线果, which happens to be the sole reason why Ryan patronizes this dim-sum store. Nina says the OG Sichuan Chilli Oil Wanton 四川红油抄手 is something she can’t live without. Doused in fragrant chili oil, each bite of the chives-filled wonton really makes one go back for more.

MASA by Black Society

Swan Black Pepper Yam Puff
Truffle Mushroom Bao
Spicy Shumai
My Little Green Apple (2pc)
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If you’re all about that #aesthetic, take your dim sum game up a notch with MASA By Black Society. The Swan Black Pepper Yam Puff ($7.06) dominated as a fancy starter (pity that the swan’s head is not edible). Nevertheless, it lives up to its elegant presentation, impressing all three hosts. The simple yet bold flavours of the yam filling took it out of the park and received top-tier praises, and just “can’t get any better”.

The Truffle Mushroom Bao was proclaimed “the best mushroom ever” by Nina. Enjoy dim sum with a twist with MASA’s steamed renditions. Truly wild! With the Spicy Shumai ($6.47) and My Little Green Apple ($5.89) taste flavours like you’ve never experienced before. 

So, what did you think of Food King’s picks and reviews? Make sure your favourite restaurants get due recognition in the Oddle Eats Awards!

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